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Revlon Whimsical (aka Anemic Cupcakes)

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Revlon has done it again with another great Deborah Lippmann dupe! Previously, they released Facets of Fuchsia as a dupe for Lippmann’s Bad Romance. If you missed it the first time around, check the new Revlon Brilliant Color display at your local drugstore, and you’ll find it’s been re-released once again as Scandalous. It was quite the popular polish!

Now, in this same display, Revlon has also bestowed upon us a shade called Whimsical, which is a dupe for another Deborah Lippmann polish called Glitter In the Air. I normally avoid Revlon’s nail polish as their formula can be so hit or miss, but since Facets of Fuchsia was so great and the price is certainly right, I couldn’t pass up Whimsical.

Although, I must admit, I ended up being quite taken with this polish. It’s such a different shade and not one that I expected to end up liking as much as I did.

Image by clairesayswhat

It’s one of those polishes that has a semi-sheer, almost snotty (gross, I know, but that’s truly what it reminds me of!) base that can be notoriously difficult to apply. The base here is light blue, and there is blue and pink hexagonal glitter as well as smaller silver glitter and iridescent blue microglitter suspended all throughout.

Surprisingly, I didn’t experience any issues with the formula. I used 3 coats, and each dried nicely. The glitter effect builds up as you increase coats: some of the glitter from the previous coat becomes opaque while the newer glitter is brighter. This makes for a kind of 3-D, reflecting pool effect. It’s really quite beautiful. The base color is less blue on the nail than in the bottle, and it’s for this reason that I thought of¬† “Anemic Cupcakes.” It’s like if you took a cupcake and made it a halftone lighter, then you’d have this shade. That’s the best way I can think of describe why I thought of calling it that! Maybe it makes sense only to me…haha Another way I can think of describe it is like a crystal ball. It’s as though you’re looking through glass and can see through the layers of liquid beneath.

Anyway, let me give you a heads up on the glitter in this polish. It tends to sink to the bottom, so you’ll want to kind of plunge the brush down into the bottle and wipe the excess off carefully in order to get the best amount of glitter on the brush. I found that I got the best distribution of glitter on my larger nails, such as my thumb. Most of my other nails required me to strategically place a few extra bits of glitter so they wouldn’t so bare. If you have shorter nails, you may find this polish more difficult to work with. I’d suggest using a thin nail brush or even an orange wood stick to catch and apply the pieces of glitter to your nails if you find that you have trouble getting enough with the brush.

Also, you will never get this polish to be opaque, so don’t even try! You have to accept the fact that the sheerness is part of what makes Whimsical so special. If you take your time and let each coat dry before applying the next, I promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the effect you achieve!

I expected this polish to chip very easily, but it didn’t! In fact, I ended up wearing Whimsical for a full week. The blue in the base did seem to get paler as the week went on due to hand washing and light exposure, but overall the effect held up.

Whimsical is a really great polish, and certainly worth the incredibly cheap price when compared to its Deborah Lippmann original. I can’t personally compare it to Glitter In the Air, but swatches on other blogs confirm that it is a pretty spot-on dupe.

So with two great Deborah Lippmann dupes from Revlon now on the market, I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!


Very Mysterioso!

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One day whilst trolling the Internet and checking my usual websites, I stumbled on Candy Coated Tips and Jackie’s swatches/reviews of Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance vs. Revlon’s Facets of Fuchsia.

Basically, Facets of Fuchsia is what’s known as a “dupe” (short for duplicate) in the nail polish blog world. The drugstore brands are often influenced by designer brand colors and frequently come up with similar or identical dupe colors. But it’s not often that a dupe ends up being as on par with its designer counterpart as Facets of Fuchsia is! I love how Jackie¬† pits these two polishes against each other in a fight to the “death.” Too cute!

So of course, I’ve been on the hunt for Facets, and it wasn’t easy! I looked at several places before I finally spied it at Target. I expected it to be out in its own display with the other shades from this mini-collection but, no, it was hiding way down with the other Revlon polishes on the shelf. I was so excited to find and try it! Here are my results:

Image by clairesayswhat

If you checked out Jackie’s comparison swatches at Candy Coated Tips, you’ll see that this is practically an identical dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance! I don’t think that even a nail polish expert could tell the two apart–they look that similar. And at a fraction of the price, who can resist the Revlon! Not me, that’s for sure! I actually think Revlon’s version is even a bit better because it has more of the micro purple glitter.

Now, I’m sure the base of the Deborah Lippman shade is darker than Revlon’s, which is a sort of sheer black jelly. I ended up needing 3 coats, and I can still see some patchiness if I hold my nails up to the light. Other bloggers have posted about using various shades as a base for Facets of Fuschia, and I think in the future I’ll give Essie’s Carry On a try as a base coat. The dark, blackberry tone of that shade seems like it would be a good counterpart for the fabulous purple glitter.

Facets of Fuschia is a totally fun shade that is out just in time for Halloween! In fact, I’m thinking about wearing it with my Jem costume. The application is somewhat annoying (again, I’m sure Bad Romance is better in this regard), but you can’t complain too much considering the price! I might do an update on the removal of this polish, too, since I suspect it will be a pain in the you-know-what. I tend to avoid shades with larger glitter pieces since I usually always end up needing to scrape some of them off with a metal file, but Facets of Fuschia was simply irresistible! I’m also not usually into shades this dark, but I love the very mysterioso vibe that the brightness of the purple glitter creates as it’s suspended in the black base.

Kudos to Revlon for giving us such a great dupe, and here’s to (hopefully) many more!

Singapore Sling

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All photos by clairesayswhat

So I was shopping with my mom at Ulta a couple weekends ago and looking for one of those OPI Serena Williams sets. They were all out of them, big surprise, and wouldn’t be getting anymore in until Monday. Oh, well. That’s what I get for taking forever to decide that I wanted them. I hadn’t found anything else at all that struck my fancy, until I saw these Revlon Just Tinted shades by the register! I loooove jelly polishes, and I was very interested to try Revlon’s formulation. I remember several years ago Maybelline came out with some polishes that they called stains or something. Those were more like juice than jelly.

There are four shades and a topcoat in the Just Tinted collection, which apparently coordinates with the Just Bitten lipstains. I knew I smelled a vampire tie-in somewhere…anyway, I found display photos online of the polish alongside the gloss, but when I bought them the display only had the polish. I got two of the shades: Desire and Victorian. Desire is a sort of raspberry shade, and Victorian is more orange. I painted my ring fingers with Victorian and the rest with Desire. It doesn’t show up that well in the photo, although it looked better n in person. The color combination reminded me of a very yummy old-school cocktail I had a few weeks ago that’s called a Singapore Sling. I highly recommend it if you’re the lush type. Or if you just like your cocktails old lady style, like me!

Unlike other jelly polishes, like the OPI shades, Just Tinted dries with a kind of semi-gloss finish. Topcoat is a must for me, so they appear glossier in my photo. Revlon polishes are pretty hit or miss for me overall, but the formula of Just Tinted is really great, especially for the price. These polishes are great for beginners, too, because Revlon’s jelly formula is a bit thicker, unlike some by OPI that run a bit thin (I’m looking at you, Houston We Have a Purple….).