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Best Little Whorehouse

Posted in Original Posts Archive with tags , , on July 12, 2011 by clairesayswhat

Lately, I’ve been on a kick of trying more cheap, drugstore polishes because the salon/professional brands don’t have all that much new out right now. I keep looking at colors and not really seeing anything I dig. Plus, I’m trying to branch out and try some different colors and brands. There’s no better way to do that than with drugstore brands! If you try one and really don’t like it, then you’ve only wasted $2 to $4 as opposed to $10 to $12.

Photo by clairesayswhat

This is really 224 Times Square from the NYC Color In a New York Minute Quick Dry collection, but I can only ever think of the ho stroll with any shade of red. Truth be told, Times Square IS the perfect name for this polish, especially if one thinks back to when it used to be dirty movie theater capital of the world! All of the colors in this collection are named after NYC related things such as streets and neighborhoods. This shade is more of an orange-based red then blue-based, and I actually really liked the color! You see, I’m not all that big on reds and generally avoid buying them. I think this is the first red shade I’ve bought since I was like, nine, and thought red nail polish was the height of fashion (blame 90210). My photo doesn’t do it justice, but more on that in a bit.

The formula of this polish is truly pretty great, and I will totes recommend this line to friends in the future. Not to mention I’ll be snapping up more of the colors in this collection myself since they’re so cheap! Times Square is a cream (creme?) polish which, to me, are notoriously hard to work with. This was one applied beautifully, though, and it really does dry fast. Not quite as fast as, say, Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure, but fast nonetheless. Overall, this is a good quality polish with a beautiful array of unique shades to choose from.  I’m a tad disappointed that they left out Christopher Street, though, because that shade would most certainly be one fabulous glitter! But this isn’t a glitter collection. Note to NYC color: come out with a second version of this collection, and name all the colors after historic NYC gayborhood streets and drag queens! I would buy EVERY color!

Now about the photo. My apologies for the particularly bad color of this one. I would link to the NYC website, but their example is actually no better. It’s a digital swatch and appears magenta on my laptop screen. Go to your local drugstore (I bought it at Wal-Mart) and check this one out in person to be sure. I have since learned that the light in my kitchen is best for taking photos in my apartment. So there will be just a few more not-so-great quality photos, and then all photos after that will be much improved, I promise!