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Wocka Wocka!!

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As you may or may or not know, OPI is set to release what is quite possibly the BEST collection of nail colors ever–The Muppets Collection!! You guys, I cannot even begin to contain my excitement over the fabulous colors in this collection! The news about its release broke a couple of months ago that this collection would be released for the holidays, but I just found out that the first of the polishes will debut in November! Better yet, it happens to be the one that’s been #1 on my list since I saw the first photos of The Muppets Collection! Feast your eyes on Rainbow Connection:

Image from

Just…wow!! Who can deny the power of such an amazing glittery confection?! Unfortunately for my bank account, every other color in the collection is amazing as well! I’ll have to see them in person first, but I would reason to speculate that at least half of The Muppets Collection will make it into my personal polish collection. My other favorites are: Divine Swine (a grapey glittery shade with larger, round silver glitter pieces strewn in); Fresh Frog of Bel-Air (similar to Divine Swine only in green, of course); Excuse Moi (a raspberry, holographic-looking shade), and Warm and Fozzie (a gorgeous warm, brown-toned gold metallic).

If you ask me, OPI has really hit it out of the park with this collection. The colors and the names are just all so fantastically fun! It’s also pretty genius that OPI has chosen to release a holiday collection that 1) appeals to the childhood nostalgia of the 25+ year old set, and 2) will also appeal to younger kiddos. That’s some genius marketing if you ask me! Miss Piggy, I’m sure, is so proud, and you can bet she’ll be giving you a piece of her mind if you’re not sporting at least one of these shades for the holiday season! The non-glitter shades, such as Pepe’s Purple Passion and Wocka Wocka!, are perfect for coordinating with the season’s neutrals for casual home gatherings or the office. And the glitter and metallic shades are certain to to be a standout for any holiday parties and especially New Year’s Eve! Imagine doing the countdown and toast wearing Rainbow Connection–I die!! The release date of this shade is also perfect because my birthday happens to be in November–intrepid readers take note!!

Head on over to Refinery 29 to view their fantastic slideshow of The Muppets collection colors! Prior to this I had only seen some smaller pictures of the display and a UK print ad that was also quite small, so to see the colors in their slightly-larger-than-life digital versions was definitely a treat. I predict that many of these shades, especially the glitters and metallics, will sell out fast,  so I know I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a firm release date!

Which shades of The Muppets Collection will you be swooping in on?


Subtle Harlequin Hearts

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So I graduated last weekend from my Library and Information Sciences master’s program and, as a graduation present, the fantastic Miss Sarah got me a Konad stamper and some Bundle Monster plates!! Once you get into nail polish/art and start reading the blogs, it doesn’t take long before you come across the wonders of the Konad. It’s like rubberstamp art but for your nails! And the Bundle Monster company makes a ton of designs, from little pictures to patterns that cover your nail to designs just for your tips. The first design/nail polish combination I tried didn’t work too well, but I gave it another whirl this evening. After all, practice makes perfect! This is my result:

Photo by clairesayswhat

Can you see the hearts? I know, it’s super subtle, but in person the hearts show up a bit more. Overall, I really like the effect! The base polish is OPI Seniorita Rose-alita, and the heart is stamped in Tea and Crumpets by Essie. I tried another, more intricate design that didn’t work at all first, so then I decided to give something more simply a go since I’m still new at using the Konad.  Most of the patterns that are supposed to be for your whole nail are a little small for my nails since they’re so long, so I’ll have to experiment with using those.

The whole thing is a pretty simple process. First, you paint some polish over your chosen Bundle Monster design, which are on small metal discs. Next, you use the little scraper (or an old gift card works, too) to wipe off the excess polish from the plate. Then, you use the stamping tool to pick up the polish off the plate, sort of just like a rubberstamp and an ink pad. The stamper tool has two ends–one smaller and one larger–that are made of smooth plastic that’s kind of squishy. After the polish design is transferred onto the stamper tool (which can be tricky, but if you miss a portion of the design, just stamp it off on a paper towel and repeat the process), you then sort of press-and-roll it onto your nail and voila! Instant art! Well, not quite instant. It is a bit time consuming, but it’s fun to see the design transferred instantly onto your nails!

I still need a lot of practice with the Konad stamper, and I need to find some thicker, darker polishes that will make the designs really pop over other colors. Miss Sarah and I will be having lots of fun trying new designs, so expect lots more pictures!

Singapore Sling

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All photos by clairesayswhat

So I was shopping with my mom at Ulta a couple weekends ago and looking for one of those OPI Serena Williams sets. They were all out of them, big surprise, and wouldn’t be getting anymore in until Monday. Oh, well. That’s what I get for taking forever to decide that I wanted them. I hadn’t found anything else at all that struck my fancy, until I saw these Revlon Just Tinted shades by the register! I loooove jelly polishes, and I was very interested to try Revlon’s formulation. I remember several years ago Maybelline came out with some polishes that they called stains or something. Those were more like juice than jelly.

There are four shades and a topcoat in the Just Tinted collection, which apparently coordinates with the Just Bitten lipstains. I knew I smelled a vampire tie-in somewhere…anyway, I found display photos online of the polish alongside the gloss, but when I bought them the display only had the polish. I got two of the shades: Desire and Victorian. Desire is a sort of raspberry shade, and Victorian is more orange. I painted my ring fingers with Victorian and the rest with Desire. It doesn’t show up that well in the photo, although it looked better n in person. The color combination reminded me of a very yummy old-school cocktail I had a few weeks ago that’s called a Singapore Sling. I highly recommend it if you’re the lush type. Or if you just like your cocktails old lady style, like me!

Unlike other jelly polishes, like the OPI shades, Just Tinted dries with a kind of semi-gloss finish. Topcoat is a must for me, so they appear glossier in my photo. Revlon polishes are pretty hit or miss for me overall, but the formula of Just Tinted is really great, especially for the price. These polishes are great for beginners, too, because Revlon’s jelly formula is a bit thicker, unlike some by OPI that run a bit thin (I’m looking at you, Houston We Have a Purple….).