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Lady Gaga Edge of Glory set by Deborah Lippmann

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So I meant to have this review up in time for The Grammys, but it just didn’t happen. I’m still trying to find a groove for updating with new posts. The goal has been to use my half day on Fridays to get three posts written and set to upload throughout the week. Still workin’ on that one, too!

But anywho, today I have Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory Deborah Lippmann polish set set for review! My mom surprised me with it for Christmas (and the wacky egg spinner toy!), and you can see a photo of the box in my Glad Tidings post. I waited awhile to try this polish, too, since black and really dark shades aren’t normally my thing. Thankfully, the Edge of Glory polishes–like Gaga herself–are amazing! Have a look-see:

Image by clairesayswhat

Are you freaking out over the gorgeous flakies yet?! I was so amazed when I applied it and saw that the flakes showed up as different colors over the black polish. Totally cool! Other flake topcoats I’ve tried have been just one color, so this was a very unique effect for me.

With this set, you get the black polish and the flake top coat. Both are named Edge of Glory. If only that video had been as amazing as this polish is! Actually, I don’t mind that video. It’s just that the dance sequence goes on just a little too long. You and I is actually my favorite song/video from the Born This Way album.

But back to the polish! I applied the black polish first, of course. It is wonderfully dark, opaque and inky and not watery at all like a lot of black polishes tend to be. I still had to do clean up, but it was pretty minimal compared to when I’ve used other dark polishes. This polish adheres to the nail really well and, amazingly, didn’t drag at all. I think I may have actually used just one coat here, too! Now, would I wear it on its own? Absolutely not. But the flake top coat completely transforms it!

The flakes in the top coat show up as green, blue, and orange. The effect really reminds me of color film negatives for some reason. My favorite color is the blue and the way it contrasts with the black base. On the box, the Edge of Glory is billed as “Two Step 3D Holographic” and, while I don’t think it quite achieved 3D status, the holographic effect was genius and beautiful. In fact, I think Deborah Lippmann should make the Edge of Glory holographic topcoat part of core nail lacquer line since I think it would look amazing over many of her other polishes.

Best of all, even though this set was part of Gaga’s Workshop for Barneys New York at Christmas last year, you can still get it–on sale even! It’s currently available at the Barneys website for $29, which is a steal, really, considering Lippmann polishes retail for $18 each. Get it before it’s gone! And maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll still send it in the nifty Gaga’s Workshop bags!

With nail polish collaborations being the latest thing in fashion and makeup right now, I really hope that Lady Gaga teams up with someone to release her own line of nail polish. I can only imagine the colors she’d come up with!

UPDATE: Apparently Barney’s took the Gaga’s Workshop stuff down just after I wrote this post. That or everything sold out. So if you still want the Edge of Glory set, I’d suggest watching ebay at this point. Also, there are quite a few flake topcoats out now that are similar to this one, such as the ones by Finger Paints that are available at Sally Beauty Supplies stores and online.


Bootie Babe Cosmetics polish!

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Just when you think you’ve seen it all, along comes a product that takes everything to the next level. The Bootie Babe polishes were just such a product for me because the bottles are shaped like, well, booties! Look:

Image by clairesayswhat

Super fun, right? The creator of these polishes, Mark O’Hara, was nice enough to send me these samples of 4 colors from the 12 color collection. The colors, left to right, are Pinky Dinky, Mean Tangerine, Blue Baboo, and Purp Slurp. I love the little boxes they came in, too, as well as the cute logo sticker on the bottle cap.

The Bootie Babe polish itself runs on the thick side (any puns from here on out are totally not intended, I swear!), but it applies and sticks to the nail quite well. I found it was best to get a good amount polish on the brush and apply it quickly for each coat. It doesn’t level very well, but it’s pretty smooth so it lays down nicely. It also dried pretty quickly and with a satin finish which I liked.

Mean Tangerine surprised me the most and turned out to be my favorite! I loved it the minute I took it out of the box, but I was skeptical since it’s such a bright neon. It was nearly opaque at two coats! As I was painting it on, I also realized just how nostalgic this particular shade is. It reminds me of Kraft Macaroni and Cheese powder! Check out the colors on my nails:

Image by clairesayswhat

I love that all these colors look so great together! As you can see, the Bootie Babe bottle is quite small. But don’t be discouraged–it holds plenty of polish! I also read via Bootie Babe’s twitter feed that they are working on re-designing the packaging to make the bottle cap taller since many others who have tried these polishes have experienced difficulty with the short cap. Personally, I didn’t have any problems with it. In fact, I find of liked it since I usually turn my brush to get the polish on the other side, and that seemed easier with this cap. Nevertheless, I did drop it once which never happens to me, so perhaps a slight redesign is a good thing after all. Also, the bottle itself is a little, um, front-heavy and will wobble a bit if you don’t dip the brush in cleanly. The bottle opening is a little small, and this was really the only issue I had with the packaging itself. And just because I know you’re curious, here’s a shot of the actual bootie part of the bottle:

Image by clairesayswhat

I gotta say, it’s pretty totes adorbs! Overall, I thought the polish quality was great–it even smells nice, which I always appreciate. Best of all, Bootie Babe polish is 3 free AND cruelty free! I promise these polishes will put a smile on your face, and they’ll make great gifts for anyone who appreciates things that stand out from the rest.

You can order these or any of the other great colors in the collection via the Bootie Babe Cosmetics shop page. They currently retail for $4 each which is a super deal. I’ll definitely be trying more colors once they launch the new bottles! Also, check out an extensive list of other bloggers that have reviewed the Bootie Babes polishes on the Bloggers section of the website. Yours truly is listed on this page, which is pretty exciting, too!

Let me know if you give Bootie Babe a try!

(Disclaimer: These polishes were sent to me for review by Bootie Babe Cosmetics.)

Lady Marmalade

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Photo by clairesayswhat

At first I thought of calling this post/manicure Basketball Diaries because this color combination reminded me of a sports jersey but, on second glance, I realized how very Marseilles it looked. Like a Toulouse-Lautrec poster! Plus, if I’m comparing something to sports it probably means I don’t like it, and this couldn’t be farther from the truth for this manicure! In light of that, let me also first make two points:

  • In general, I have a pretty strong aversion to the color orange. As in, it pretty much doesn’t exist in my wardrobe. I think I own one dress that has some orange in it, and it’s part of a pink-based floral pattern. But I’ve been seeing so much orange polish around this summer that I wanted to give it a try, too. Not to mention that, of course, orange is kind of a prominent color on this blog. This manicure sort of matches my background, too, now that I think about it….I guess my opinion on orange seems to be budging just a bit…
  • I’ve also pretty much sworn off darker blue nail polishes. I don’t really think the shade suits me, and I tend to get it just all over my cuticles no matter how hard I try. Yet something about this color made me want to give it a try.

Overall, I was so pleasantly surprised by both of these colors! They are part of Wet N Wild’s FastDry line, and I ended up getting the orange shade (which is called Brill, right?!)  as a 2-for-1 deal with a topcoat (more on that later). The blue is called Teal of Fortune. Both shades are kind of somewhere in between a foil and a microglitter finish. Honestly, the orange is gorgeous in person and in the sunlight! I got lots of compliments on this particular manicure. Maybe it’s the summer heat and orange reminds me people of fruity cocktails (Bring me another Mai Tai!) or something, but really is pretty wowsers. Even I couldn’t stop looking at it, and I’m not a fan of orange! But this particular orange is bright and cheery and packs enough of a glittery punch that I’ll definitely be coming back to it. This manicure also stuck around longer than most because I liked it that much!

I used Teal of Fortune as an accent nail on each hand: on the ring finger of my left hand (in the photo) and the index finger of my right hand. You know,  just to change things up! Despite my reservations about blue polish, this shade was actually quite nice, although I think it would be better on my toesies in the future. I must note, though, that it did stain a bit upon removal, so use an opaque base coat if you have one.

You may also notice that there is quite a bit of visible nail line (VNL as it is sometimes known in the nail polish blog world) with this polish, and I’m not sure it could be completely eliminated with more coats than I used (two). VNL doesn’t bother me, though. In fact, I kind of like it general. Maybe it’s because I bit my nails for so long and seeing the VNL reminds me that, hey, my nails are actually long now! Or maybe it just reminds me of the Broadway fake nails I used to use…Lastly, if you look closely at my pinky nail, you’ll notice a “bald” spot area area near the cuticle. This is due to the stiff brush of the FastDry topcoat which sucks and caused a huge amount of dragging. I noticed this same issue on at least 3 other nails after everything dried. So if you get one of the FastDry 2-packs, be wary of the topcoat and use a light touch. I will probably review this topcoat in the future, so stay tuned!

Singapore Sling

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All photos by clairesayswhat

So I was shopping with my mom at Ulta a couple weekends ago and looking for one of those OPI Serena Williams sets. They were all out of them, big surprise, and wouldn’t be getting anymore in until Monday. Oh, well. That’s what I get for taking forever to decide that I wanted them. I hadn’t found anything else at all that struck my fancy, until I saw these Revlon Just Tinted shades by the register! I loooove jelly polishes, and I was very interested to try Revlon’s formulation. I remember several years ago Maybelline came out with some polishes that they called stains or something. Those were more like juice than jelly.

There are four shades and a topcoat in the Just Tinted collection, which apparently coordinates with the Just Bitten lipstains. I knew I smelled a vampire tie-in somewhere…anyway, I found display photos online of the polish alongside the gloss, but when I bought them the display only had the polish. I got two of the shades: Desire and Victorian. Desire is a sort of raspberry shade, and Victorian is more orange. I painted my ring fingers with Victorian and the rest with Desire. It doesn’t show up that well in the photo, although it looked better n in person. The color combination reminded me of a very yummy old-school cocktail I had a few weeks ago that’s called a Singapore Sling. I highly recommend it if you’re the lush type. Or if you just like your cocktails old lady style, like me!

Unlike other jelly polishes, like the OPI shades, Just Tinted dries with a kind of semi-gloss finish. Topcoat is a must for me, so they appear glossier in my photo. Revlon polishes are pretty hit or miss for me overall, but the formula of Just Tinted is really great, especially for the price. These polishes are great for beginners, too, because Revlon’s jelly formula is a bit thicker, unlike some by OPI that run a bit thin (I’m looking at you, Houston We Have a Purple….).