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A Perfect Job Interview Polish!

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I’m sure there are many polishes out there that are great for job interviews, but the one I’ll be featuring today was perfect for me. It got me the job!! Okay, so my awesometastic interview skillz and qualifications are what really did the trick, but I can’t help but give a little credit to the polish I chose to wear on the day I went for my interview. And it wasn’t without careful consideration, of course. I wanted something that was 1) neutral but not too blah 2) didn’t clash with my outfit but 3) also coordinated nicely. So I decided on OPI’s Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!:

Image by clairesayswhat

Personally, I think this shade is more Cafe Au’Lait than anything else, but I get the “honey” reference more now than when I bought this polish. The “cosmo” part is still weird to me, though, as that always carries either space or hot pink connotations for me.

AnyWHO, I chose this shade for my interview because it was the perfect combo of everything I mentioned above. It has a light brown base with some iridescence to it and, at certain angles, almost matches my skin. So it’s close to being my “mannequin hands” shade, but not quite. And it’s one of OPI’s sheer formulas that builds up quite nicely at 3 coats, which is what you see above. Or maybe it’s 2 coats in the photo. I don’t really remember at this point! haha But either way, it’s versatile enough that you can wear it sheer in a pinch or keep applying coats to bring out the color base more.

I bet it would work well as a base polish for some of the gold glitters and flakes that came out for the holidays, too! Lucky for me, my new office environment is business casual and leans heavily on the casual, so I’m not expecting any restrictions or issues with nail polish colors. Yay! Actually, I could probably even get some junk nails and nobody would notice because we’re so focused on things like correct MARC coding and AACR2 idiosyncrasies. If you’re reading this and you know what that means, raise your nerd flag!

But back to the polish. Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! is a lovely shade. If you have an interview coming up or work in a professional environment that has a more restrictive dress code, I encourage you to give this shade a try!


Mercury Glass Mani with Essie A Cut Above

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Some people go out on Black Friday and buy things like TVs or Blu-Ray players or digital camera or clothes or whatever. But what did I do this year? Well, I hit up Walgreens and Ulta for some new polish, of course! I was especially looking for the new Luxeffects holiday polishes by Essie. I ended up with 3 of the shades: As Gold As It Gets, Shine of the Times, and A Cut Above.

I also picked up a couple of OPI shades at Ulta (it was buy 2 and get a base coat or top coat for free, too!), one of which was Birthday Babe. This is probably an older or permanent shade, but its silvery sheen caught my eye. For some reason, in the store, I thought it had a bit of a holographic element. Call it triptophan trauma or something because, alas, this was not true. Birthday Babe is just kind of a run of the mill, opalescent silver. It’s pretty but not spectacular.

Until you combine it with A Cut Above! All of the shades in the Luxeffects collection are meant for layering. For instance, As Gold As It gets is a sheer microglitter and Shine of the Times is a flaky. But if you ask me, the true standout of this collection is A Cut Above. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a pink glitter in quite this tone before. It’s so deliciously retro and reminds me of those 1950s tinsel trees. But layered over the silver of Birthday Babe it reminded me of mercury glass more than anything. Here, see for yourself!

Totes gorg, right? So I just did two coats of Birthday Babe and three coats of A Cut Above. While the glitter is of mixed sizes and there are lots of larger round pieces, the base is kind of goopy which makes the glitter a bit difficult to distribute evenly. So if you use a basecoat with this shade, make sure it’s good and dry before you apply this glitter.

What really gives this the mercury glass look is the tiny glitter. The base of A Cut Above is actually clear but when the metallic glitter is suspended over a metallic silver like Birthday Babe, the  tiny sized glitter almost gives the whole thing a slight pink sheen. I was initially hoping that I could get this glitter to completely cover my nail in 3 coats, but I quickly figured out that wasn’t going to be the case. But never mind because I like the mercury glass effect even better! It’s a standout that’s definitely been noticed by several people. And I like that Essie saw fit to include a shade like this in a holiday collection. I’m not big on red and green polish in general so, aside from all the golds, holiday collections generally leave me slightly miffed. A Cut Above definitely loves up to its name!


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Clearly the trend in holiday polish collections for 2011 is GLITTER. They don’t say that disco and an economic recession go together for nothing! Practically every brand is coming out with either a full line of glitter polishes or including at least a few in a larger collection. It’s been a sight to see all the swatches on the other blogs, and to help you keep track of what will be on the market soon, let’s explore some of the popular brands that are focusing on glitter polishes this season!

China Glaze Let It Snow

Image from

So this collection features seven glitters, although none of the colors in this collection are particularly awe-inspiring. But it’s a good chance to stock up on these colors for your collection if you don’t already own them. I plan on hunting down Champagne Bubbles because lord knows I am a sucker for a gold sparkly polish! Plus, this one has larger pieces of silver glitter that form a nice contrast against the bright gold base.

Essie Luxeffects

Image from

Talk about a collection after my own heart…wow! If you google this collection and look at photos of the display, you will note that it features two rows of the gold polish on the left. It’s definitely the first shade I’ll be buying! The one next to it is also a flakie, so take note if you don’t own one of those already as they are great for layering. I also really like that sort of mauve glitter shade. The silver and white are pretty skippable for me, but they’re nice nonetheless. Actually, the more I stare at that mauve and silver glitter together, the more I really like that combo! Very vintage.

Color Club Backstage Pass

Image from

Ok so this collection is for the truly adventuresome! Please see Scrangie for her excellent swatches of these polishes and to experience their true glory as the photo I’ve used doesn’t do them justice. The glitters in some of these shades aren’t even going to pretend to lie flat on the nail, which is why I say they are for the adventuresome. Personally, I can’t stand when larger glitter pieces start to lift off on my nails, so I won’t be getting any of these shades. Once again, though, the gold shade in this collection is very pretty. The thing I like the most about Color Club (even though it’s hard to find in my area) is that they always offer their collections in these nice wham-bam-thank-you-m’aam sets, and they include a topcoat, too!

Wet n Wild Color Icon Ice Baby

Image from

Remember the other day when I said I liked this polish but probably wouldn’t be buying anymore of them? Yeah, I went back today and got 2 more. For the price, who can resist?! Also, I’d forgotten to pick up the Back Alley Deals shade, which is said to be a dupe for the nails inc. shade, Bloomsbury Square. You can google the other blogs and see for yourself, but I don’t think anyone could tell the difference! And yes, I still had to stand on the bottom shelf and reach up high to get to this display at Walgreens since they still don’t have it out yet.

OPI Muppets collection

Image from

Last but not least (of course, or Miss Piggy would give me a sound headbutt!), is the OPI Muppets collection. I’ve heard that the most popular shade, Rainbow Connection, is sold out in most places already, which is no surprise. This was true of an Ulta I visited this week; however, they did still have quite a few of the gift sets that have Rainbow Connection packaged with Excuse Moi!. If you don’t like either one of those shades, buy the set for the one you want and gift the other to a friend. They’ll love you for it, I promise!

And there is also that kollection which shall not be named that is available exclusively at Wal-Mart. Of course, I re-named the shades in this collection back when it was first announced, and I still think my names are better! Anyway, if you can find it, one of them is a dupe for Rainbow Connection, too.

Are you all glittered out yet? If I missed any collections, please let me know so I can update this post. Also, be sure to post a comment here if you’ve tried any of these glitters, and let me know which are your faves or not!

Meep, Meep! It’s the Muppets!

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I am so excited to have three of the shades from the new Muppets collection to review for you today! A fellow nail polish fanatic clued me in that Ulta had the first half of the collection for sale earlier in the week, so naturally I hopped right over after work to check them out. I decided to get the Meep,-Meep-Meep shade:

Image by clairesayswhat

Meep-Meep-Meep is a dark cranberry, glass fleck polish that applied very evenly and with good coverage. To be honest, after seeing the collection in person, I thought Meep-Meep-Meep was the most unique of the non-glitter colors, at least in terms of my own collection of colors. Initially, I was excited about Warm & Fozzie, but it’s way too brown for me. Designer…de Better! is also quite different being that it’s kind of a metallic marshmallow shade with flecks of red thrown in. I liked it but decided it just wasn’t me. Hey, a girl’s gotta make a choice somehow! Meep-Meep-Meep does dry a bit on the strange side, though. It’s almost like the glass fleck pieces sink into the polish and don’t stand out as much for some reason. This part of the collection is being shown in a Miss Piggy display which is quite cute, so be on the lookout!

Now, on to the true stars of this collection! My friend and co-worker surprised me with an early birthday present and got me this:

Image by clairesayswhat

I was so surprised because I hadn’t read about the Muppets colors being included in gift sets on any of the other blogs, although it is the 2011 holiday collection, so I’m sure there will be other gift sets with other colors. But my friend had listened to me go on and on about these two colors and knew just the present to get me! She even commented that she went to check Ulta to see if they had them out so she could beat me to buying them. How sweet! Anywho, on the left is Rainbow Connection and on the right we have Excuse Moi!. And here they are on my nails:

Image by clairesayswhat

At first, I was most excited about Rainbow Connection when word of the Muppets collection first broke. But once I saw swatches of Excuse moi! on blogs like Scrangie, I quickly realized that it was the true star waiting in the wings! You guys, it’s literally like a cupcake on your nails! It has a pink tinted base and includes micro silver glitter along with slightly larger multi-colored glitter pieces. Sort of like sprinkles! And it has a sparkle like you wouldn’t believe in the light! Truly beautiful! I chose to apply a base coat of I’m Indi-a Mood for Love mostly to aid with removal later on. It didn’t really impact the color of Excuse Moi! because its base is pretty dark, so what you see on my nail is true to the shade.

I also chose to only add a coat of Rainbow Connection on the ring finger of my left hand (above) and the index of my right hand. If you’ve ever tried to remove these larger glitter polishes like this one then I’m sure you understand that decision! Rainbow Connection is, of course, a party on your finger nails. It contains multi-colored round and hexagonal glitter in a variety of sizes suspended in a clear base. I didn’t find it all that hard to work with, as other bloggers have pointed out, although it was more difficult than Excuse Moi!, which performs much more like a regular glitter polish. I’d like to try Rainbow Connection in a Candy Mani just to see what happens.

Before I go, I’d also like to point out that I realized that Excuse Moi! is a pretty close cousin to another one of my all-time fave shades, Teenage Dream, from the Katy Perry collection. Take a look:

Image by clairesayswhat

That’s Teenage Dream on the right. And don’t worry–no Muppets were harmed in the taking of this photograph. That’s just a dishtowel! haha But do you see what I mean? Teenage dream is obviously lighter with a light pink base and holographic glitter instead of multi-colored, but it was an obvious inspiration for Excuse Moi! if you ask me. I regret not buying like, five backup bottles of Teenage Dream because it’s such a gorgeous color on me, so I’ll have to be sure and pick up at least one back up of Excuse Moi!.

How about you? What shades of the Muppets collection have you tried or plan on getting?

Also, guess what? You can Like Glossy Expectations on facebook now! I plan on using this page to consolidate all of my swatches as well as post articles, polls, and other fun stuff, so come on over!

I Want a Candy Mani!

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OPI posted this nifty tutorial for a Candy Mani on their facebook page recently (you might have to be signed in to see it), and of course I had to try it for myself ASAP! And somehow I managed to get a really awesome photo of this mani, too:

Image by clairesayswhat

The effect is quite spectacular!! And in terms of nail art projects, this one is great for novices because it doesn’t require any special effects or painting skills. It’s just coats of polish! Fair warning, though, you do have to be willing to devote an hour and a half or so to the drying time. Here are the steps (OPI has photos of every step on facebook, too) and colors I used:

1) First, use a basecoat. OPI recommends NailEnvy, of course. And I was going to get some, but the store I went to didn’t have any stock. So I just used my usual basecoat. Let this and all other coats of polish dry before applying the next coat!

2) Next, paint on one coat of  “I’m Indi-a Mood for Love,” which is a sort of soft, hot-pink shade. Think Barbie’s convertible. Or Jem’s hair!

3) Then paint on a coat of glitter. In their tutorial, OPI used “Spark De Triopmhe,” from the Serena GlamSlam collection, but I used “Crown Me Already!” from the Miss Universe collection because that’s what my store had in stock. Plus, I’d been debating on buying this glitter, too, so it was a good excuse to get it (who am I kidding?? This whole thing was an excuse to buy polish!).  Basically, though, most any metallic glitter that you have on hand will work.

4) Last, apply a coat of “Do You Think I’m Tex-y,” and watch the transformation! It’s the jelly (or sorbet, as OPI calls it) finish of this shade that truly gives this mani its dreamy quality! Soooo pretty! Tex-y is already one of my most favorite shades on its own, and to see it do something else that’s equally as beautiful was so fun. Oh, and did I mention that I bought my first bottle of back-up polish with this shade? Yeah….anyway, give everything a bit of extra dry time, splash on a top coat, and voila!

The overall effect of the Candy Mani is multi-faceted and even a bit 3-D due to the way the color of the jelly polish attaches to the glitter. I also want to try this look with two of the other jelly shades from the Texas collection, “Houston We Have a Purple” and “Too Hot Pink to Hold-Em.” I only have one glitter polish that comes close to mimicking the effect of this mani, and it requires three coats to build it up, so this process really wasn’t that much different. Also, even though this mani might take a bit longer than average, it will pay off in wear time. You should be able to get a week and then some out of this look because 1) it involves glitter, and 2) the glitter is fused with two layers of polish and a topcoat.

Give it a try, and I think you’ll really love the results!


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I can think of no other word, made up or otherwise, to describe these two shades from OPI’s Nice Stems collection. These two together are simply pinktastic!

Image by Clairesayswhat

The base shade is Be a Dahlia Won’t You? that I topped with the fantastic glitter shade from this same collection, I Lily Love You. Dahlia is a fuchsia foil that is as bright and in-your-face as it looks in the bottle (although in the photo, I’m holding the Lily bottle). A very fun shade that makes you happy just to look at it. It’s a bit thin but applied well.

I Lily Love You, however, is a bit tricky. The iridescent glitter is suspended in a pink, jelly-like base, but the trick is that there are some larger, flake-ish pieces mixed in with the regular glitter. These pieces are fun and a cute way to mix up a sheer glitter, but they’re a bit hard to work with. A couple of the pieces didn’t lay completely flat on my nails, and this really bothered me. In the future, I’ll probably inspect each nail while it’s still wet and push down any of the flake pieces with a toothpick if they stick up a bit. Also, unlike a glitter shade such as Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection, Lily is not as dense so the glitter doesn’t always spread across the nail as evenly as the more densely packed glitters. This is perhaps because Lily was definitely made to act as a glitter topcoat for the other three shades in the Stems collection, whereas something like Last Friday Night can totally stand on its own.

The other two shades in this collection, Come to Poppy and Play the Peonies, are fun as well, but I’ll probably stop with the two I’ve got so far. Just like the seasons, my taste in nail polish appears to be changing….Stay tuned!

Wocka Wocka!!

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As you may or may or not know, OPI is set to release what is quite possibly the BEST collection of nail colors ever–The Muppets Collection!! You guys, I cannot even begin to contain my excitement over the fabulous colors in this collection! The news about its release broke a couple of months ago that this collection would be released for the holidays, but I just found out that the first of the polishes will debut in November! Better yet, it happens to be the one that’s been #1 on my list since I saw the first photos of The Muppets Collection! Feast your eyes on Rainbow Connection:

Image from

Just…wow!! Who can deny the power of such an amazing glittery confection?! Unfortunately for my bank account, every other color in the collection is amazing as well! I’ll have to see them in person first, but I would reason to speculate that at least half of The Muppets Collection will make it into my personal polish collection. My other favorites are: Divine Swine (a grapey glittery shade with larger, round silver glitter pieces strewn in); Fresh Frog of Bel-Air (similar to Divine Swine only in green, of course); Excuse Moi (a raspberry, holographic-looking shade), and Warm and Fozzie (a gorgeous warm, brown-toned gold metallic).

If you ask me, OPI has really hit it out of the park with this collection. The colors and the names are just all so fantastically fun! It’s also pretty genius that OPI has chosen to release a holiday collection that 1) appeals to the childhood nostalgia of the 25+ year old set, and 2) will also appeal to younger kiddos. That’s some genius marketing if you ask me! Miss Piggy, I’m sure, is so proud, and you can bet she’ll be giving you a piece of her mind if you’re not sporting at least one of these shades for the holiday season! The non-glitter shades, such as Pepe’s Purple Passion and Wocka Wocka!, are perfect for coordinating with the season’s neutrals for casual home gatherings or the office. And the glitter and metallic shades are certain to to be a standout for any holiday parties and especially New Year’s Eve! Imagine doing the countdown and toast wearing Rainbow Connection–I die!! The release date of this shade is also perfect because my birthday happens to be in November–intrepid readers take note!!

Head on over to Refinery 29 to view their fantastic slideshow of The Muppets collection colors! Prior to this I had only seen some smaller pictures of the display and a UK print ad that was also quite small, so to see the colors in their slightly-larger-than-life digital versions was definitely a treat. I predict that many of these shades, especially the glitters and metallics, will sell out fast,  so I know I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for a firm release date!

Which shades of The Muppets Collection will you be swooping in on?