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A butterLONDON fairy tale

Posted in Original Posts Archive with tags , , , , , , on February 4, 2012 by clairesayswhat

Once upon a time, a girl was pressed for time and decided she needed to do her nails right that very instant. But alas, she was away from her own home and didn’t have the customary supplies. So of course she traipsed on over to the local Ulta in hopes of finding just the right polishes.

She looked high and low, at brands old and new until she happened upon a curious new product. Verily, she had seen it before, but this time the price was right and well, it’s always fun to try something new! And just look at the crow in the crown, the butterfly and gorgeous flowers and pretty jewels….how could our heroine resist?

Image by clairesayswhat

Indeed, she held onto the nifty box for a few weeks, unable to bear throwing it away. But on to the task at hand! She tried the Nail Foundation first and found it to be an extraordinary name for an equally extraordinary product! The girl could scarcely believe her eyes when it quickly dried to a miraculously smooth, satin, semi-opaque finish! It was somehow eerily alike her own skin color, too. But she was most pleased that it smelled so nice (much less offensive and even quite pleasant compared to other brands) and made the application of polish a sheer dream. She now loves this product so much that she won’t consider using anything else!

Finally, she came to the end of her journey and applied the Hardware top coat. While not quite as good as the Nail Foundation (it must be noted that it caused a bit of dragging at the nail bed), she still found it to be a quite good top coat in comparison to many others. The consistency reminded her of treacle and spread across the nail nicely, drying with an almost silicon-like finish. Seche still wins the race for our heroine, but the Hardware put up a good fight and will be used occasionally. She thinks it will make a great top coat for glitters, but that will be another tale for another day.

Before this tale is done, though, our heroine would also deign to mention a few more notable features of these products:

  • The bottles are a large size at 0.6 oz., which makes them a full 0.1 oz. larger than most other similar products. A superb value indeed!
  • Due to the tallness of the bottles, the brush is also thankfully long enough to reach to the bottom so none of this wonderful product will go to waste. The brush is quite sturdy as well and didn’t impede application in any manner whatsoever.
  • Although quite minor, our heroine also appreciates the twee little crown that is stamped atop the bottle cap that you will see once the outside black cap is removed. It’s the little things, eh?

And so this tale ends happily because a a most wondrous new product was discovered and the nail polish realm rejoiced!

The end.