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Subtle Harlequin Hearts

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So I graduated last weekend from my Library and Information Sciences master’s program and, as a graduation present, the fantastic Miss Sarah got me a Konad stamper and some Bundle Monster plates!! Once you get into nail polish/art and start reading the blogs, it doesn’t take long before you come across the wonders of the Konad. It’s like rubberstamp art but for your nails! And the Bundle Monster company makes a ton of designs, from little pictures to patterns that cover your nail to designs just for your tips. The first design/nail polish combination I tried didn’t work too well, but I gave it another whirl this evening. After all, practice makes perfect! This is my result:

Photo by clairesayswhat

Can you see the hearts? I know, it’s super subtle, but in person the hearts show up a bit more. Overall, I really like the effect! The base polish is OPI Seniorita Rose-alita, and the heart is stamped in Tea and Crumpets by Essie. I tried another, more intricate design that didn’t work at all first, so then I decided to give something more simply a go since I’m still new at using the Konad.  Most of the patterns that are supposed to be for your whole nail are a little small for my nails since they’re so long, so I’ll have to experiment with using those.

The whole thing is a pretty simple process. First, you paint some polish over your chosen Bundle Monster design, which are on small metal discs. Next, you use the little scraper (or an old gift card works, too) to wipe off the excess polish from the plate. Then, you use the stamping tool to pick up the polish off the plate, sort of just like a rubberstamp and an ink pad. The stamper tool has two ends–one smaller and one larger–that are made of smooth plastic that’s kind of squishy. After the polish design is transferred onto the stamper tool (which can be tricky, but if you miss a portion of the design, just stamp it off on a paper towel and repeat the process), you then sort of press-and-roll it onto your nail and voila! Instant art! Well, not quite instant. It is a bit time consuming, but it’s fun to see the design transferred instantly onto your nails!

I still need a lot of practice with the Konad stamper, and I need to find some thicker, darker polishes that will make the designs really pop over other colors. Miss Sarah and I will be having lots of fun trying new designs, so expect lots more pictures!


Raspberry Beret

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After weeks of experimenting with cheaper nail polish brands and colors, I just couldn’t take it anymore and had to go back to the old standby! I was pretty instantly reminded why I prefer OPI to all other brands. Orly ranks a close second for various reasons, but there are more reasons why OPI stands as the most well-represented brand in my polish collection.

But first, let’s talk about this great color! OPI calls it Senorita Rose-alita which is actually a pretty perfect name for this raspberry shade. It also features a healthy dose of golden shimmer throughout that really sparkles in the sunlight. This is a great late summer color because it’s a bit richer with a kind of sunset inspiration. I think this color could also be great in professional office environments where crazier nail polish colors aren’t readily welcomed. Mauve is kind of the neutral of the makeup world, and Senorita Rose-alita offers just enough punch without being garish or overpowering in conservative settings. This color would look so great with a polished, classic grey suit or dress!

Now, about why I like OPI so much. I know some people complain about the changes they made to their brushes in the past few years but, for my nails, the wide brush works like a dream every time. It’s got the perfect amount of bristles that are just flexible and dense enough to lay down the right amount of polish. Perhaps the OPI brush also works so well for me because the surface of my nails is more rounded rather than flat. Other brushes tend to streak or lay down color more unevenly on my nails than the OPI brush. Almost all of their colors self-level nicely, too, which is not necessarily true of other brands where colors may be more inconsistent. I also just generally like OPI’s colors over other brands. They have so many and are always coming out with new collections that there’s always something new. I’ve rarely regretted any OPI purchase, and it just seems to me that they’ve done more than any other brand to perfect their polish experience for professionals and consumers alike.

What do you think? Are you an OPI fan?