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The best laid plans….

Posted in Original Posts Archive with tags on May 27, 2012 by clairesayswhat

Well, hello there, everyone! Long time no post, right? Sorry about that. It’s not that Glossy Expectations hasn’t been on my mind, though. Believe me, I’ve thought plenty about how I’ve neglected this blog the past few months. And I do have several swatch photos from the past couple months that I could post about but, quite honestly, I just haven’t been motivated to do it.

You see, although I’ve loved blogging about nail polish over the past year (I think it’s been almost a year since I started Glossy Expectations…), there came a point around the last time I wrote here when I realized that 1) I can’t continue to buy new nail polish at the rate that new collections and colors are released because 2) I am not willing to buy a Helmer and 3) I’m just not that excited about most of the colors I see anymore. Or rather, I also realized that I was starting to acquire three similar shades of pink, four similar shades of purple and so on and so forth. And, to me, that’s just kind of crazy. Also, quite frankly, the amount of money I’ve spent on nail polish so far is a bit staggering. Which is not to say that I’m going on some kind of buy less stuff, spend less money sort of deal, even though I probably should! haha It’s more that, you guys, it’s a serious nail polish explosion in my bathroom! I’ve filled up my medicine cabinet, another shelf thing on my counter, and almost another storage thingie in my towel closet. And like I said, I’m just not willing to continue at that pace and get to the point where a Helmer would be needed.

Painting my nails so often in order to keep up with regular posts on this blog also ended up turning my nails a lovely shade of yellow. I always brushed off that possibility when I read it about it happening on other blogs. “No way, dude. It’ll take for-ever for that to happen!” Nope. Turns out it can happen fairly quickly when you’re using acetone all the time! I also blame glitter polish, which I have sworn off at this point, too. But anyway, so I quit painting my nails so often and, as of this writing, I haven’t painted them in about two weeks. Go me! I started using some products to help restore them, and now they are gor-geous! Barbra would so approve.

“On a clear day….” You could put an eye out with those things!

Some of you may also remember that I started my first full-time, professional librarian position back in January. Let me tell you, working full-time really puts a damper on one’s nail painting time! When I started this blog, I was still working part-time and finishing up grad school, so I had oodles more time. Kudos to other nail polish bloggers out there with full-time jobs who maintain regular posts–I honestly don’t know how you do it!

I’ve also been having lots of fun over on tumblr with The Undercover Shelf, where I post about things mostly related to reading and books and such. The shorter, image based posts and fast paced re-blogging that happens on tumblr have been better suited to my life lately.

So…with all this being said, am I also saying that this is the end of Glossy Expectations? No. But I need to change things up. I would like to revamp Glossy Expectations to be more of a lifestyle blog, where I also write reviews of other products and posts about how to improve and make your life better. I think Glossy Expectations works well for all areas of life, and I’ve been working on thinking of a tagline to express that as well as other ideas such as site design, etc. Basically, I just want to make room here for other topics that I’m interested in that revolve around anything else that fits within the realm of a lifestyle blog by moi. If you have any ideas as well, I would love to hear them!

And, of course, I will still feature nail polish reviews from time to time. Like I mentioned above, I still have quite a few backlogged swatch photos, and I’m sure that there will still be some polishes in the future that I won’t be able to resist! Plus, I’m also planning a post on how to restore your nails to their natural beauty, since that’s kind of where I’m at with my nails at the moment.

Before I end this post, I would also like to give a big THANK YOU!!! to my friends, family, and anyone else who has read this blog for supporting my writing.

Stay tuned for the new face of Glossy Expectations!