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Grape Soda Mani

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So we’re all probably familiar with scented nail polishes by now. Everyone from Revlon to Color Club has jumped on the scented polish bandwagon. And why not? It’s something fun and nostalgic for those of us who grew up in the 80s and 90s. But have you ever thought that you could make your own scented nail polish? Well, I didn’t either, but I created my very own Grape Soda scented mani quite by accident!

Image by clairesayswhat

What you see here is Chunky Holo Purple by Kleanolor layered over Nubar’s Treasure. I could tell right away that the Chunky Holo Purple would need a base color, although you probably could use it by itself for a more sheer holographic effect. Or I bet it would also look amazing over some of the new neon shades that are coming out this spring! But I had Treasure, too, so I decided to use it as the base coat. I’ll review the application of each of these polishes before I get to the grape soda part.

Nubar’s Treasure is a sheer purple that’s kind of in-between a holo and a microglitter polish. This is to say that the purple itself is not like a cream polish. It is super fine purple particles in a purple jelly-ish base. It’s a bit hard to explain but, suffice it to say that you’ll need up to 3 coats to achieve complete opacity. I was expecting it to be less sheer than it is, but it’s still a great polish that dries with a wonderful glossy sheen all on its own. I’d heard a lot about their bottle cap as well, and it really is one of the better ones on the market. The top is wide and flat so that it can rest under the base of your index finger enabling you to get a comfortable grip with the tip of your index finger and thumb at the base of the cap which is kind of pinched. You can see plenty of examples on Nubar’s website to get an idea of what I mean. I also like that all of Nubar’s polishes are cruelty free and vegan. Not many companies can make that claim!

Now on to the Kleancolor. Their holo shades are pretty well known among the nail polish blogs for offering quite a big bang for very little money. The Chunky Holo Purple doesn’t offer the amount of holo particles that you’ll get in more expensive versions, but it is very pretty. And again, the Purple is very sheer, but the particles are so iridescent (flashing between gold, green, and purple) that it’s magnificent nonetheless. The base is tinted a light purple and slightly on the thick side. So if you want to get the most holo particles, I suggest several thin coats. As it was in this mani, the base of the Chunky Holo Purple did make the edges of the Treasure basecoat shrink just a bit, but that was probably only noticeable to me and no one else. I’m just glad to have this polish in my collection.–it’s beautiful just to look at in the bottle.

Now, I noticed right away that while the Nubar polish has a pleasing and not very strong smell, Kleancolor is quite the opposite. It smells very strong and not like any other polish I’ve used before. I’m not really sure why that is, though. But  after it dried over the Treasure, I noticed that it smelled exactly like grape soda! In fact, I even went back on the Nubar site thinking maybe Treasure was part of a scented collection or something, but nope! It just so happened that Treasure combined with Chunky Holo Purple smells like grape soda! Even better that it’s purple, too! And unlike polishes that are actually marketed as scented, the grape soda scent of this mani actually stuck around for more than a few days.

So the secret formula is Nubar Treasure + Kleancolor Chunk Holo Purple = Grape Soda mani!

Give it a try if you happen to have these two polishes, and let me know if you get the same result! Or if you have discovered any similar effects with other polishes let me know, too.


Glad Tidings from Glossy Expectations!

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Whether you celebrate anything or not at this time of year, I still hope that the season finds you happy and well and stuffed with cheer! Personally, I celebrate Christmas with my family every year, but it’s more about a time of togetherness (and presents!!) than anything else. Right now I’m hanging out with my parents while my mom crochets with the Dr. Who marathon on in the background. Soon we’ll be heading over to my aunt’s house for more family fun!

So, needless to say, my Christmas list to my mom this year included lots of nail polish. I gave her lots of color suggestions and she chose the best of the bunch! I hope this doesn’t seem like one of those teenybopper “haul” posts, but I just had to take a photo of all the polish to give a hint of what you’ll be seeing for review in the coming weeks!

Image by clairesayswhat

There are six colors from Kleancolor and three from Nubar, two brands that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. And yes, that is the Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory collection from Gaga’s Workshop! There are two polishes inside, one black and one holographic flaky for layering. This will no doubt be my NYE mani! I’m also excited to give some Deborah Lippmann polish a second try after that horrid HSN experience I had (although I did find out later on that what I’d ordered was basically old and discontinued stock). Those new Nyx polishes are also still on my wish list, and I will definitely be treating myself to those once I’ve reviewed everything you see above.

Check back in the next few days for a new review, as well as a couple I’ve got saved up. I hope to have a new Beauty Call!!! for you soon, too (and yes, I know I need to go find new photos for some of the things from last time). And I’ll have that Edge of Glory polish review up shortly after the new year. Speaking of the new year, I also have lots of plans for Glossy Expectations, such as finally getting the Nail Biter’s Resource up as well as a proper blog roll and lots of other fun things. Stay tuned!

So how about you? Did you get any fun nail polish for Christmas, Hanukkah, or the holidays? I’d love to hear about it! Also, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d Like Glossy Expectations on facebook! I plan to start adding my swatch photos there, too, in the new year. Thanks to everyone for reading!