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I Want a Candy Mani!

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OPI posted this nifty tutorial for a Candy Mani on their facebook page recently (you might have to be signed in to see it), and of course I had to try it for myself ASAP! And somehow I managed to get a really awesome photo of this mani, too:

Image by clairesayswhat

The effect is quite spectacular!! And in terms of nail art projects, this one is great for novices because it doesn’t require any special effects or painting skills. It’s just coats of polish! Fair warning, though, you do have to be willing to devote an hour and a half or so to the drying time. Here are the steps (OPI has photos of every step on facebook, too) and colors I used:

1) First, use a basecoat. OPI recommends NailEnvy, of course. And I was going to get some, but the store I went to didn’t have any stock. So I just used my usual basecoat. Let this and all other coats of polish dry before applying the next coat!

2) Next, paint on one coat of  “I’m Indi-a Mood for Love,” which is a sort of soft, hot-pink shade. Think Barbie’s convertible. Or Jem’s hair!

3) Then paint on a coat of glitter. In their tutorial, OPI used “Spark De Triopmhe,” from the Serena GlamSlam collection, but I used “Crown Me Already!” from the Miss Universe collection because that’s what my store had in stock. Plus, I’d been debating on buying this glitter, too, so it was a good excuse to get it (who am I kidding?? This whole thing was an excuse to buy polish!).  Basically, though, most any metallic glitter that you have on hand will work.

4) Last, apply a coat of “Do You Think I’m Tex-y,” and watch the transformation! It’s the jelly (or sorbet, as OPI calls it) finish of this shade that truly gives this mani its dreamy quality! Soooo pretty! Tex-y is already one of my most favorite shades on its own, and to see it do something else that’s equally as beautiful was so fun. Oh, and did I mention that I bought my first bottle of back-up polish with this shade? Yeah….anyway, give everything a bit of extra dry time, splash on a top coat, and voila!

The overall effect of the Candy Mani is multi-faceted and even a bit 3-D due to the way the color of the jelly polish attaches to the glitter. I also want to try this look with two of the other jelly shades from the Texas collection, “Houston We Have a Purple” and “Too Hot Pink to Hold-Em.” I only have one glitter polish that comes close to mimicking the effect of this mani, and it requires three coats to build it up, so this process really wasn’t that much different. Also, even though this mani might take a bit longer than average, it will pay off in wear time. You should be able to get a week and then some out of this look because 1) it involves glitter, and 2) the glitter is fused with two layers of polish and a topcoat.

Give it a try, and I think you’ll really love the results!


Glacier National Nails

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So my boyfriend and I recently took a trip up to Glacier National Park in Montana. Trust me, it was his idea, not mine because I let him know from day one that I am not the camping-in-the-woods-leave-no-trace kind of gal. So he took pity on me and we just did a couple of day hikes around the park. There was also an ill-fated trip up to Canada. The northeast side of Glacier National Park is about 50 miles from the US-Canadian border, and I’ve never been to Canada. But it started to snow when we were near the border, so we turned around. Oh well. I guess this just means our next trip will have to be to a city in Canada where I can shop and go to museums!

The week before we left for this trip, I thought I’d try and get in the spirit of things by going with a blue theme:

Image by clairesayswhat

I decided to forgo the Polaroid look because I thought this particular manicure looked better without it, and I like the contrast of the background (thanks, Andy Warhol calendar!).

You may remember Hannah Pinktana, the Wet n Wild polish from the Jem-inspired Set Your Sails manicure. Well, the blue glitter shade in this manicure is its BFF, Blue Wants to Be A Millionaire. It is just as spectacular as Hannah Pinktana, and I really hope Wet n Wild comes out with more glitter shades in this formula. For such a cheap price, the sparkle factor is truly outstanding! They’re more of a micro glass fleck than a holo, but they pack quite a punch nevertheless.

On a trip to Target, I spied the accompanying opaque blue shade by Sonia Kashuk, Blank Slate. I’m not usually all that keen on darker blue polishes, but the neutral factor of Blank Slate caught my eye. Plus, I don’t actually own any other Sonia Kashuk polishes and have been wanting to try them. Initially, I thought these two shades would be slightly closer in tone but, once I got Blank Slate home and compared it to Millionaire, this was obviously not the case. I decided to go ahead with the combination anyway.

I painted Blank Slate on my pinkie and pointer finger and thumb of my left hand while Millionaire went on my ring and middle finger. On my right hand, I switched Millionaire to the pointer and middle finger just for fun. Did you follow all that, by the way? But I really like wearing two shades like this. It’s fun and unusual and lends itself to my penchant for coordinating rather than matching colors.

Blank Slate applied really well. So well, in fact, that you can get away with one coat! But since I can’t let myself do one coat like I can’t skip using a top coat, I went ahead and applied a second coat. The color is a smooth, soft navy that dries slightly glossy. In the bottle, Blank Slate looks lighter, more like a darker powder blue. Yet on the nail it is definitely closer to navy.

Like I said, this was my first time trying a Sonia Kashuk polish, and I was quite impressed. I was pleased to find out that this brand utilizes a thinner brush which, for me, offers better application control. The Wet n Wild brush is thicker and holds quite a bit of polish, but I feel it works well for their particular glitter formula.

So needless to say I made it back safe and sound from the Montana trip. I was quite nervous of getting attacked by angry grizzly bears, but we only saw them with our binoculars on a mountainside that was far, far away. The only other ferocious creatures we encountered were chipmunks and a snake. It’s good to get out of my comfort zone every once in awhile but nice to come to the land of nail polish!

Set Your Sails for Adventure….

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Is the song in your head yet? Do you remember this from the far back reaches of your childhood? Give up?? It’s a Jem and the Holograms song, silly!! A couple of weeks ago, my boyfriend and I noticed that the Hub channel was airing some episodes of the series. I immediately made him DVR them. The first episode we watched featured this song and subconsciously inspired today’s post:

Photo by clairesayswhat

I bought these two polishes not long ago and was deciding which one to try first on my drive home the other day. Then I thought, duh, try them both at once! These are both again from Wet n Wild’s Fastdry collection. I have become such a fan of this polish line and haven’t been disappointed by a shade yet! They are truly are fantastic. The darker shade, on my thumbs and pinkie fingers, is FusciaRama. Surprisingly, it’s a jelly! I thought for sure, based on how it appears in the bottle, that it was a cream. Needless to say, I was pleasantly surprised. This shade applies beautifully and is great for beginners because you can really brush it on and not worry about streaks or dents.

My other three fingers are painted with Hannah Pinktana. Once this shade dried and I saw it in the light on my nails…WOW! I cannot emphasize enough how gorgeous this shade is!! I even put a coat of it on my thumbs and pinkies to complete the look. Hannah Pinktana is a sheer purple micro-glitter, but I built it up to three coats. It’s still not opaque, but that doesn’t bother me. I quite like the glassy look. In the light, this shade sparkles with flecks of gold and pink. It sparkles so much that it’s almost a holo! Run, don’t walk to get this shade. Seriously!

As soon as I looked at this manicure completed I realized how influenced by Jem it was! These two shades of purple and the glitter together are so reminiscent of the fabulous fashions of the series. Some of the outfits were so ahead of their time! Of course, others are pure 80s trash (mostly worn by The Holograms’ musical arch nemesis, The Misfits), but that just makes the series all the more endearing. I had a Jem doll as a little girl, and she was the most awesome doll EVER because she was larger than a Barbie and had articulated wrists that you could pose. I became slightly obsessed with trying to find my doll on the Internet the other night, and my boyfriend found this amazing website, Jem, that has picures of every Jem and the Holograms doll ever released AND the extra outfits you could buy! I had the Rock ‘n Flash Jem/Jerrica doll, of course the rarest of all the Jem dolls. Look at that dress! Loves it! And there’s the yellow and pink-splattered hoodie dress for her less flashy Jerrica look.  For some reason, I remember her hair being much more pink, but perhaps I’m confusing the doll with the TV version. I’m also now considering being Jem for Halloween this year. I already have a blond wig, so I would just need to add some pink clip-in extensions. And let’s not even discuss the possibility of light-up earrings!

Anyway, this is one of my favorite nail polish combinations that I have done to date. Also, if you have a twisted and slightly inappropriate sense of humor (like myself), you should watch the hilarious Jem parodies on this YouTube channel.