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A Perfect Job Interview Polish!

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I’m sure there are many polishes out there that are great for job interviews, but the one I’ll be featuring today was perfect for me. It got me the job!! Okay, so my awesometastic interview skillz and qualifications are what really did the trick, but I can’t help but give a little credit to the polish I chose to wear on the day I went for my interview. And it wasn’t without careful consideration, of course. I wanted something that was 1) neutral but not too blah 2) didn’t clash with my outfit but 3) also coordinated nicely. So I decided on OPI’s Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!:

Image by clairesayswhat

Personally, I think this shade is more Cafe Au’Lait than anything else, but I get the “honey” reference more now than when I bought this polish. The “cosmo” part is still weird to me, though, as that always carries either space or hot pink connotations for me.

AnyWHO, I chose this shade for my interview because it was the perfect combo of everything I mentioned above. It has a light brown base with some iridescence to it and, at certain angles, almost matches my skin. So it’s close to being my “mannequin hands” shade, but not quite. And it’s one of OPI’s sheer formulas that builds up quite nicely at 3 coats, which is what you see above. Or maybe it’s 2 coats in the photo. I don’t really remember at this point! haha But either way, it’s versatile enough that you can wear it sheer in a pinch or keep applying coats to bring out the color base more.

I bet it would work well as a base polish for some of the gold glitters and flakes that came out for the holidays, too! Lucky for me, my new office environment is business casual and leans heavily on the casual, so I’m not expecting any restrictions or issues with nail polish colors. Yay! Actually, I could probably even get some junk nails and nobody would notice because we’re so focused on things like correct MARC coding and AACR2 idiosyncrasies. If you’re reading this and you know what that means, raise your nerd flag!

But back to the polish. Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! is a lovely shade. If you have an interview coming up or work in a professional environment that has a more restrictive dress code, I encourage you to give this shade a try!


Wet n Wild Color Icon Review

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Sometimes a polish or polish collection starts a frenzy on the blogs and, before you know it, you’re caught up in the whirlwind and coming up with excuses to go to Walgreens or Ulta for the umpteenth time. You know, like “Oh, I need some new lotion” or “Maybe I want some Zingers and a Dr. Pepper.” Stuff like that. But you’re really going just to look for that new nail polish!

In my case, this time it was the new Wet n Wild Color Icon collection. I went to Walgreens a couple of times because it’s exclusive to them, and I’d read that the Color Icon polish display was out with the other new holiday cosmetics displays. Nope. Walgreens only has perfume sets out in those aisles so far. But then I read a tip on another blog that they sometimes put the displays that they don’t have room for yet up on the very tops of the other beauty aisles. So I went again, and bingo! There was the display hovering over the deodorant! Sure, I had to strain to see the display and reach the colors I wanted, but I managed to snag two. This is Diamond In The Rough:

Image by clairesayswhat

From the swatches on other blogs, I was psyched to try these amazing looking and el-cheapo glitters from Wet n Wild! Regular readers also know how big a fan I am of this brand’s FastDry polishes, too. I chose Diamond In The Rough because I liked its graphite hue and the iridescent round glitter that’s mixed in.

The formula is on the thin side and doesn’t offer very much time to maneuver the polish, so I recommend getting a nice, big glob on the brush and laying it down quick. While I was applying this polish, I kept thinking to myself  “Would it have killed them to make the base of this polish just a bit darker?” I think they could’ve added more of the sparkly silver pieces and tinted the base just slightly darker without increasing the price point of this polish.  But it covered pretty well by the second coat, so I really shouldn’t complain! The glitter in this polish really is pretty amazing for the price, too. It sparkles and twinkles in the light and provides a really nice contrast to the small, darker gray and silver glitter particles in the polish.

Most of the other blogs have also pointed out that this polish dries fairly rough, and I agree with that assessment. Definitely use the thickest top coat you have! Also, I didn’t really experience any problems with the cap of this polish. It’s squat enough that it fits nicely between your thumb and pointer finger without causing application issues.

So how do I ultimately feel about the Color Icon polishes? Well, they are indeed a very good value for the money; however, I’m glad I didn’t buy more than two of them because they’re not *that* great. Although, if you’re new to glitter polishes, these are a great intro because they’re so cheap and give you a big sparkle factor for the price. This color would also look spectacular with many of the cranberry and dark green hued dresses and sweaters of the season!

Let me know if you’re able to track down these Color Icon polishes and which colors you decide to buy and try. And don’t forget to look up high for the newer collections if you don’t see them out on the shelves yet!


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I can think of no other word, made up or otherwise, to describe these two shades from OPI’s Nice Stems collection. These two together are simply pinktastic!

Image by Clairesayswhat

The base shade is Be a Dahlia Won’t You? that I topped with the fantastic glitter shade from this same collection, I Lily Love You. Dahlia is a fuchsia foil that is as bright and in-your-face as it looks in the bottle (although in the photo, I’m holding the Lily bottle). A very fun shade that makes you happy just to look at it. It’s a bit thin but applied well.

I Lily Love You, however, is a bit tricky. The iridescent glitter is suspended in a pink, jelly-like base, but the trick is that there are some larger, flake-ish pieces mixed in with the regular glitter. These pieces are fun and a cute way to mix up a sheer glitter, but they’re a bit hard to work with. A couple of the pieces didn’t lay completely flat on my nails, and this really bothered me. In the future, I’ll probably inspect each nail while it’s still wet and push down any of the flake pieces with a toothpick if they stick up a bit. Also, unlike a glitter shade such as Last Friday Night from the Katy Perry collection, Lily is not as dense so the glitter doesn’t always spread across the nail as evenly as the more densely packed glitters. This is perhaps because Lily was definitely made to act as a glitter topcoat for the other three shades in the Stems collection, whereas something like Last Friday Night can totally stand on its own.

The other two shades in this collection, Come to Poppy and Play the Peonies, are fun as well, but I’ll probably stop with the two I’ve got so far. Just like the seasons, my taste in nail polish appears to be changing….Stay tuned!

Through the Looking-Glass

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Photo by clairesayswhat

Sinful Colors is a brand I don’t have much experience with, but their bright colors are always catching my eye at the beauty counter of Walgreens. The first shade I decided to try is called Let Me Go (# 322). It stood out to me because it reminded me of a purple version of one of my most favorite OPI shades, Significant Other. I had high hopes for this polish.

In the bottle this color looks fantastic: like a gorgeous psychedelic swirl of blur and purple. It reminded me of colors and themes associated with Alice in Wonderland, and I had grand expectations. I didn’t expect it to have those wondrous interference/iridescent qualities of Significant Other, but I thought the color would translate better at least.  Sadly, on the nail, it’s well, pretty sad. It’s very sheer and even with three coats didn’t really build up to being opaque or more spectacular color-wise. It also shows up as primarily purple with none of the hints of blue that I saw in the bottle.

Image from

Compare my photo to the one of the bottle above. See the difference? My photo is not the best, but what you see on my nails is accurate to how it appeared to my eyes in person. I’m not going crazy for expecting more blue to show up on the nail, am I? Overall, this shade was just not what I was expecting at all. And the name that Sinful Colors chose? Strange, yet so apropos. I will probably be letting this shade go to a friend at some point in the not too distant future. Maybe it’s better under a glitter topcoat, though, so perhaps I will give this shade another try before totally kicking it to the curb.

What do you think? Have you tried this shade from Sinful Colors? What’s your experience with this brand?