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Color Club Kiss Me Mistletoe

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Well, Happy Holidays, Glossy Expectations readers! It seems the holiday season really came on strong this year seeing as how some places were putting Christmas merch out on the shelves before Halloween was even over. Sheesh! As much as I love Christmas and the holidays, that was a bit much! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving (or at least a good day or so off from work) and that you’re looking forward to more holiday fun. Now, on to an exciting find!

I was shopping at the Sally Beauty recently with my mom, and I spied a tiny display of Color Club holiday shades! They were hiding with stocking stuffer stuff on one of those little kiosk-type displays that Sally has at the front of the store, usually directly across from the register. For some reason, no one around here carries Color Club, so I hope the appearance of this collection means that the Sallys in my area will be carrying more of their polishes soon. They had just two colors available, Kiss me Mistletoe and Gingerbread Man. I picked up Kiss Me Mistletoe and passed at first on Gingerbread Man,  but who was I kidding? I totally went back for it (stay tuned for a review) after trying Kiss Me Mistletoe! Sometimes I amaze myself with the decisions I don’t make. haha Color Club also has a coordinating collection of glitter shades called Beyond the Mistletoe which are probably meant for layering over these two shades, but they were in absentia at Sally Beauty.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I have Christmasified my swatch of Kiss Me Mistletoe:

Even Santa approves! Cute, right? You can expect lots more Christmasified photos this month! I wore this shade on Thanksgiving, and got lots of compliments on it from family. It really is a standout shade. Now, do you want to hear a funny store? Of course you do!

I had noticed in the store that these two polishes are scented, and this may have been why I only decided to try just one of them at first because the appeal of scented polish kind of escapes me. After you put a on a top coat, especially if you use Seche like me, what’s the point? Anyway, so as I was painting on this polish and marveling at the coverage, all of a sudden I thought to myself, “Wow, this nail polish sure does smell distinctively of pine! How odd…” I thought maybe it was just the scent of Color Club polish, being that it’s new to me. Then I picked up the bottle to check the name of the shade and remembered, oh yeah, DUH, it’s scented!

And let me tell you, the scent is quite strong! It’s supposed to smell like mistletoe but it’s more like Christmas trees if you ask me. Now, this is normally a scent I don’t care for too much, but it really didn’t bother me. Actually, it was kind of nice because it masked the scent of the Seche. Plus, I could still smell it pretty well for at least 2 days after I applied it. Impressive!

Kiss Me Mistletoe also reminded me of just how much I love metallic foil shades like this. I hadn’t really bought or used one in awhile, and this is a truly great one. The coverage is superb with this polish. I probably could’ve gotten by with 1 coat but, of course, I did two. The consistency is a bit thick and slightly gritty, but it smooths out well on the nail. And it’s just so bright and shiny that who could resist? Call me a Color Club fan for sure now, and I’ll definitely be on the lookout for more shades on future trips to Sally Beauty!

Check back soon for a review of Gingerbread Man and lots of other fun holiday shades! And don’t forget to Like Glossy Expectations on facebook for more nail polish fun!


Lady Marmalade

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Photo by clairesayswhat

At first I thought of calling this post/manicure Basketball Diaries because this color combination reminded me of a sports jersey but, on second glance, I realized how very Marseilles it looked. Like a Toulouse-Lautrec poster! Plus, if I’m comparing something to sports it probably means I don’t like it, and this couldn’t be farther from the truth for this manicure! In light of that, let me also first make two points:

  • In general, I have a pretty strong aversion to the color orange. As in, it pretty much doesn’t exist in my wardrobe. I think I own one dress that has some orange in it, and it’s part of a pink-based floral pattern. But I’ve been seeing so much orange polish around this summer that I wanted to give it a try, too. Not to mention that, of course, orange is kind of a prominent color on this blog. This manicure sort of matches my background, too, now that I think about it….I guess my opinion on orange seems to be budging just a bit…
  • I’ve also pretty much sworn off darker blue nail polishes. I don’t really think the shade suits me, and I tend to get it just all over my cuticles no matter how hard I try. Yet something about this color made me want to give it a try.

Overall, I was so pleasantly surprised by both of these colors! They are part of Wet N Wild’s FastDry line, and I ended up getting the orange shade (which is called Brill, right?!)  as a 2-for-1 deal with a topcoat (more on that later). The blue is called Teal of Fortune. Both shades are kind of somewhere in between a foil and a microglitter finish. Honestly, the orange is gorgeous in person and in the sunlight! I got lots of compliments on this particular manicure. Maybe it’s the summer heat and orange reminds me people of fruity cocktails (Bring me another Mai Tai!) or something, but really is pretty wowsers. Even I couldn’t stop looking at it, and I’m not a fan of orange! But this particular orange is bright and cheery and packs enough of a glittery punch that I’ll definitely be coming back to it. This manicure also stuck around longer than most because I liked it that much!

I used Teal of Fortune as an accent nail on each hand: on the ring finger of my left hand (in the photo) and the index finger of my right hand. You know,  just to change things up! Despite my reservations about blue polish, this shade was actually quite nice, although I think it would be better on my toesies in the future. I must note, though, that it did stain a bit upon removal, so use an opaque base coat if you have one.

You may also notice that there is quite a bit of visible nail line (VNL as it is sometimes known in the nail polish blog world) with this polish, and I’m not sure it could be completely eliminated with more coats than I used (two). VNL doesn’t bother me, though. In fact, I kind of like it general. Maybe it’s because I bit my nails for so long and seeing the VNL reminds me that, hey, my nails are actually long now! Or maybe it just reminds me of the Broadway fake nails I used to use…Lastly, if you look closely at my pinky nail, you’ll notice a “bald” spot area area near the cuticle. This is due to the stiff brush of the FastDry topcoat which sucks and caused a huge amount of dragging. I noticed this same issue on at least 3 other nails after everything dried. So if you get one of the FastDry 2-packs, be wary of the topcoat and use a light touch. I will probably review this topcoat in the future, so stay tuned!