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Lady Gaga Edge of Glory set by Deborah Lippmann

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So I meant to have this review up in time for The Grammys, but it just didn’t happen. I’m still trying to find a groove for updating with new posts. The goal has been to use my half day on Fridays to get three posts written and set to upload throughout the week. Still workin’ on that one, too!

But anywho, today I have Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory Deborah Lippmann polish set set for review! My mom surprised me with it for Christmas (and the wacky egg spinner toy!), and you can see a photo of the box in my Glad Tidings post. I waited awhile to try this polish, too, since black and really dark shades aren’t normally my thing. Thankfully, the Edge of Glory polishes–like Gaga herself–are amazing! Have a look-see:

Image by clairesayswhat

Are you freaking out over the gorgeous flakies yet?! I was so amazed when I applied it and saw that the flakes showed up as different colors over the black polish. Totally cool! Other flake topcoats I’ve tried have been just one color, so this was a very unique effect for me.

With this set, you get the black polish and the flake top coat. Both are named Edge of Glory. If only that video had been as amazing as this polish is! Actually, I don’t mind that video. It’s just that the dance sequence goes on just a little too long. You and I is actually my favorite song/video from the Born This Way album.

But back to the polish! I applied the black polish first, of course. It is wonderfully dark, opaque and inky and not watery at all like a lot of black polishes tend to be. I still had to do clean up, but it was pretty minimal compared to when I’ve used other dark polishes. This polish adheres to the nail really well and, amazingly, didn’t drag at all. I think I may have actually used just one coat here, too! Now, would I wear it on its own? Absolutely not. But the flake top coat completely transforms it!

The flakes in the top coat show up as green, blue, and orange. The effect really reminds me of color film negatives for some reason. My favorite color is the blue and the way it contrasts with the black base. On the box, the Edge of Glory is billed as “Two Step 3D Holographic” and, while I don’t think it quite achieved 3D status, the holographic effect was genius and beautiful. In fact, I think Deborah Lippmann should make the Edge of Glory holographic topcoat part of core nail lacquer line since I think it would look amazing over many of her other polishes.

Best of all, even though this set was part of Gaga’s Workshop for Barneys New York at Christmas last year, you can still get it–on sale even! It’s currently available at the Barneys website for $29, which is a steal, really, considering Lippmann polishes retail for $18 each. Get it before it’s gone! And maybe you’ll get lucky and they’ll still send it in the nifty Gaga’s Workshop bags!

With nail polish collaborations being the latest thing in fashion and makeup right now, I really hope that Lady Gaga teams up with someone to release her own line of nail polish. I can only imagine the colors she’d come up with!

UPDATE: Apparently Barney’s took the Gaga’s Workshop stuff down just after I wrote this post. That or everything sold out. So if you still want the Edge of Glory set, I’d suggest watching ebay at this point. Also, there are quite a few flake topcoats out now that are similar to this one, such as the ones by Finger Paints that are available at Sally Beauty Supplies stores and online.


Revlon Whimsical (aka Anemic Cupcakes)

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Revlon has done it again with another great Deborah Lippmann dupe! Previously, they released Facets of Fuchsia as a dupe for Lippmann’s Bad Romance. If you missed it the first time around, check the new Revlon Brilliant Color display at your local drugstore, and you’ll find it’s been re-released once again as Scandalous. It was quite the popular polish!

Now, in this same display, Revlon has also bestowed upon us a shade called Whimsical, which is a dupe for another Deborah Lippmann polish called Glitter In the Air. I normally avoid Revlon’s nail polish as their formula can be so hit or miss, but since Facets of Fuchsia was so great and the price is certainly right, I couldn’t pass up Whimsical.

Although, I must admit, I ended up being quite taken with this polish. It’s such a different shade and not one that I expected to end up liking as much as I did.

Image by clairesayswhat

It’s one of those polishes that has a semi-sheer, almost snotty (gross, I know, but that’s truly what it reminds me of!) base that can be notoriously difficult to apply. The base here is light blue, and there is blue and pink hexagonal glitter as well as smaller silver glitter and iridescent blue microglitter suspended all throughout.

Surprisingly, I didn’t experience any issues with the formula. I used 3 coats, and each dried nicely. The glitter effect builds up as you increase coats: some of the glitter from the previous coat becomes opaque while the newer glitter is brighter. This makes for a kind of 3-D, reflecting pool effect. It’s really quite beautiful. The base color is less blue on the nail than in the bottle, and it’s for this reason that I thought of  “Anemic Cupcakes.” It’s like if you took a cupcake and made it a halftone lighter, then you’d have this shade. That’s the best way I can think of describe why I thought of calling it that! Maybe it makes sense only to me…haha Another way I can think of describe it is like a crystal ball. It’s as though you’re looking through glass and can see through the layers of liquid beneath.

Anyway, let me give you a heads up on the glitter in this polish. It tends to sink to the bottom, so you’ll want to kind of plunge the brush down into the bottle and wipe the excess off carefully in order to get the best amount of glitter on the brush. I found that I got the best distribution of glitter on my larger nails, such as my thumb. Most of my other nails required me to strategically place a few extra bits of glitter so they wouldn’t so bare. If you have shorter nails, you may find this polish more difficult to work with. I’d suggest using a thin nail brush or even an orange wood stick to catch and apply the pieces of glitter to your nails if you find that you have trouble getting enough with the brush.

Also, you will never get this polish to be opaque, so don’t even try! You have to accept the fact that the sheerness is part of what makes Whimsical so special. If you take your time and let each coat dry before applying the next, I promise that you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the effect you achieve!

I expected this polish to chip very easily, but it didn’t! In fact, I ended up wearing Whimsical for a full week. The blue in the base did seem to get paler as the week went on due to hand washing and light exposure, but overall the effect held up.

Whimsical is a really great polish, and certainly worth the incredibly cheap price when compared to its Deborah Lippmann original. I can’t personally compare it to Glitter In the Air, but swatches on other blogs confirm that it is a pretty spot-on dupe.

So with two great Deborah Lippmann dupes from Revlon now on the market, I can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with next!

Glad Tidings from Glossy Expectations!

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Whether you celebrate anything or not at this time of year, I still hope that the season finds you happy and well and stuffed with cheer! Personally, I celebrate Christmas with my family every year, but it’s more about a time of togetherness (and presents!!) than anything else. Right now I’m hanging out with my parents while my mom crochets with the Dr. Who marathon on in the background. Soon we’ll be heading over to my aunt’s house for more family fun!

So, needless to say, my Christmas list to my mom this year included lots of nail polish. I gave her lots of color suggestions and she chose the best of the bunch! I hope this doesn’t seem like one of those teenybopper “haul” posts, but I just had to take a photo of all the polish to give a hint of what you’ll be seeing for review in the coming weeks!

Image by clairesayswhat

There are six colors from Kleancolor and three from Nubar, two brands that I’ve been wanting to try for awhile. And yes, that is the Deborah Lippmann Edge of Glory collection from Gaga’s Workshop! There are two polishes inside, one black and one holographic flaky for layering. This will no doubt be my NYE mani! I’m also excited to give some Deborah Lippmann polish a second try after that horrid HSN experience I had (although I did find out later on that what I’d ordered was basically old and discontinued stock). Those new Nyx polishes are also still on my wish list, and I will definitely be treating myself to those once I’ve reviewed everything you see above.

Check back in the next few days for a new review, as well as a couple I’ve got saved up. I hope to have a new Beauty Call!!! for you soon, too (and yes, I know I need to go find new photos for some of the things from last time). And I’ll have that Edge of Glory polish review up shortly after the new year. Speaking of the new year, I also have lots of plans for Glossy Expectations, such as finally getting the Nail Biter’s Resource up as well as a proper blog roll and lots of other fun things. Stay tuned!

So how about you? Did you get any fun nail polish for Christmas, Hanukkah, or the holidays? I’d love to hear about it! Also, I’d sure appreciate it if you’d Like Glossy Expectations on facebook! I plan to start adding my swatch photos there, too, in the new year. Thanks to everyone for reading!

Very Mysterioso!

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One day whilst trolling the Internet and checking my usual websites, I stumbled on Candy Coated Tips and Jackie’s swatches/reviews of Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance vs. Revlon’s Facets of Fuchsia.

Basically, Facets of Fuchsia is what’s known as a “dupe” (short for duplicate) in the nail polish blog world. The drugstore brands are often influenced by designer brand colors and frequently come up with similar or identical dupe colors. But it’s not often that a dupe ends up being as on par with its designer counterpart as Facets of Fuchsia is! I love how Jackie  pits these two polishes against each other in a fight to the “death.” Too cute!

So of course, I’ve been on the hunt for Facets, and it wasn’t easy! I looked at several places before I finally spied it at Target. I expected it to be out in its own display with the other shades from this mini-collection but, no, it was hiding way down with the other Revlon polishes on the shelf. I was so excited to find and try it! Here are my results:

Image by clairesayswhat

If you checked out Jackie’s comparison swatches at Candy Coated Tips, you’ll see that this is practically an identical dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Bad Romance! I don’t think that even a nail polish expert could tell the two apart–they look that similar. And at a fraction of the price, who can resist the Revlon! Not me, that’s for sure! I actually think Revlon’s version is even a bit better because it has more of the micro purple glitter.

Now, I’m sure the base of the Deborah Lippman shade is darker than Revlon’s, which is a sort of sheer black jelly. I ended up needing 3 coats, and I can still see some patchiness if I hold my nails up to the light. Other bloggers have posted about using various shades as a base for Facets of Fuschia, and I think in the future I’ll give Essie’s Carry On a try as a base coat. The dark, blackberry tone of that shade seems like it would be a good counterpart for the fabulous purple glitter.

Facets of Fuschia is a totally fun shade that is out just in time for Halloween! In fact, I’m thinking about wearing it with my Jem costume. The application is somewhat annoying (again, I’m sure Bad Romance is better in this regard), but you can’t complain too much considering the price! I might do an update on the removal of this polish, too, since I suspect it will be a pain in the you-know-what. I tend to avoid shades with larger glitter pieces since I usually always end up needing to scrape some of them off with a metal file, but Facets of Fuschia was simply irresistible! I’m also not usually into shades this dark, but I love the very mysterioso vibe that the brightness of the purple glitter creates as it’s suspended in the black base.

Kudos to Revlon for giving us such a great dupe, and here’s to (hopefully) many more!

“Tina!…Bring me the axe!!!”

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I’m going to apologize up front in case this gets long winded, and it most likely will. If you’re not in the mood for rambling tonight, then you should probably just skip this entry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide to keep reading past this point…..(or just scroll down to the CUE the Polish Review section)

Tonight, the water is out at my complex due to a nearby water main break that happened on Wednesday (why this is just now causing water pressures problems is beyond me) so I had to run to Walgreens to get some bottled water, baby wipes and baby oil. Which sounds odd, but I had decided to try some Nads wax strips I bought a couple weeks ago on my legs and rather than removing the hair, the wax just stuck to my leg! WTF? Some wet wipes I have for my face mostly did the job, but there’s still some residue. Hence the baby oil to take care of that and the baby wipes for hand washing. THEN, I came home and gave the cats some cold water from my Evian bottle (yeah, you read that right…I promise they don’t always drink imported French water. Usually they drink out of the toilet even though I provide them with a bowl of yummy tap water, but as I said, the water ain’t workin ’round these parts, folks), and one of them proceeded to run into the bowl and spill it all over the floor! Seriously!! And they’ve never even done that before. My efforts to spoil them with fancy cold water were, sadly, in vain. So yeah…I’m a little irritated at the moment!

Not to mention that before all this happened I was already frustrated with my Deborah Lippmann polish and starting to feel a little like Joan Crawford…err, Faye Dunaway (aren’t they really one and the same now, anyway) in the scene from Mommie Dearest when she screams at Christina to bring her the axe so she can chop down that ugly, offensive,  good for nothing shrub.

Yup, just like that. So now I’m watching Daria in an attempt to assuage my frustration. But you’re really here to read about nail polish, and since that is ostensibly what this blog is about, the show must go on, ladies and queens!

CUE the Polish Review: I ordered my Deborah Lippmann polish from HSN because they were selling things in sets and made me feel like I was sort of getting two-for-one (even though, for the price, this was totally not the case). First, I chose the Simply Beautiful Nail Care Set that includes the Turn Back Time Rejuvenating Base Coat and On a Clear Day High-Gloss Top Coat. I was pleased with the base coat overall. It’s a nice, benign, neutral color and applies well. The brush is nicely flexible, too. I was pleased with the brushes of all the polishes….until one of the bristles came out when I was applying the top coat. Again, not cool for the price point!

Speaking of that top coat, I am not pleased with it whatsoever. I experienced bubbles both times I used it, although fewer the second time after I used some of the tips I found at this Lacquerized blog entry from last year. Since I ended up with less bubbles the second time, I thought, okay, I’ll give this top coat another chance. Until it had been on for over 45 minutes and I went to put on my shoes to make that Walgreens run, and it smudged BIG TIME. Like, the worst smudge I’ve ever experienced. Crazy! So I think I’m done with it.

Now, as for the polish colors I ordered, they are part of the Lippmann Collection that is exclusive to HSN I think. I’m not entirely sure if the formula is different from the other Lippmann polishes, but I’m guessing so. I tried Daytripper first which is a coral shade. It applied nicely but the top coat caused so many bubbles that I removed the whole shebang as soon as I got home from work today. Then I tried P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) which is a semi-sheer pink-ish shade that’s more 1980s peaches and cream than anything else. I would’ve stuck with it, though, had it not been for the world’s biggest smudge. Scroll down for images of these two colors. I had to post them separately since HSN is now sold out of that set. Oh, and did I mention how these two shades came in a MINI set? Yeah, I wasn’t too happy about that since they appear full size on the HSN site. Perhaps I should’ve checked the ounce size and compared first. Also, the colors were quite a bit different than what I saw on my monitor. Even though I expected that to be somewhat the case, this whole experience has only served to remind me why I typically avoid ordering nail polish off the Internet.

Basically, for the price I paid for all of these, I am less than impressed. I think I’ve decided to return them to HSN, get my money back, and head to Nordstrom for a future Deborah Lippmann purchases. It’s unfair to judge the brand as a whole when some of the product I ordered may be an alternate formula, so I’ll have to give Deborah Lippmann another chance in the future. Phew! I need a strong,  Joan Crawford-style cocktail now!




Deborah Lippmann polish preview

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Photos by clairesayswhat

Look, y’all! My Deborah Lippmann polishes arrived from HSN today! The two colors came as a min set and are P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing), left, and Daytripper (right). The full-size bottles also came as a set and are the Turn Back Time rejuvenating base coat, left, and On A Clear Day high-gloss top coat, right. How could I resist that top coat named after a Barbra song, right? Okay, so she didn’t sing it first, but still. I have to say, naming nail polish after songs as Deborah Lippmann does is absolutely genius marketing because it gets gals like to me to buy, buy, buy!

Daytripper is drying on my nails as I type, and I will post reviews and more info on all of these Lippmann products tomorrow. I couldn’t wait to give a preview, though!