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“Tina!…Bring me the axe!!!”

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I’m going to apologize up front in case this gets long winded, and it most likely will. If you’re not in the mood for rambling tonight, then you should probably just skip this entry. Don’t say I didn’t warn you if you decide to keep reading past this point…..(or just scroll down to the CUE the Polish Review section)

Tonight, the water is out at my complex due to a nearby water main break that happened on Wednesday (why this is just now causing water pressures problems is beyond me) so I had to run to Walgreens to get some bottled water, baby wipes and baby oil. Which sounds odd, but I had decided to try some Nads wax strips I bought a couple weeks ago on my legs and rather than removing the hair, the wax just stuck to my leg! WTF? Some wet wipes I have for my face mostly did the job, but there’s still some residue. Hence the baby oil to take care of that and the baby wipes for hand washing. THEN, I came home and gave the cats some cold water from my Evian bottle (yeah, you read that right…I promise they don’t always drink imported French water. Usually they drink out of the toilet even though I provide them with a bowl of yummy tap water, but as I said, the water ain’t workin ’round these parts, folks), and one of them proceeded to run into the bowl and spill it all over the floor! Seriously!! And they’ve never even done that before. My efforts to spoil them with fancy cold water were, sadly, in vain. So yeah…I’m a little irritated at the moment!

Not to mention that before all this happened I was already frustrated with my Deborah Lippmann polish and starting to feel a little like Joan Crawford…err, Faye Dunaway (aren’t they really one and the same now, anyway) in the scene from Mommie Dearest when she screams at Christina to bring her the axe so she can chop down that ugly, offensive,  good for nothing shrub.

Yup, just like that. So now I’m watching Daria in an attempt to assuage my frustration. But you’re really here to read about nail polish, and since that is ostensibly what this blog is about, the show must go on, ladies and queens!

CUE the Polish Review: I ordered my Deborah Lippmann polish from HSN because they were selling things in sets and made me feel like I was sort of getting two-for-one (even though, for the price, this was totally not the case). First, I chose the Simply Beautiful Nail Care Set that includes the Turn Back Time Rejuvenating Base Coat and On a Clear Day High-Gloss Top Coat. I was pleased with the base coat overall. It’s a nice, benign, neutral color and applies well. The brush is nicely flexible, too. I was pleased with the brushes of all the polishes….until one of the bristles came out when I was applying the top coat. Again, not cool for the price point!

Speaking of that top coat, I am not pleased with it whatsoever. I experienced bubbles both times I used it, although fewer the second time after I used some of the tips I found at this Lacquerized blog entry from last year. Since I ended up with less bubbles the second time, I thought, okay, I’ll give this top coat another chance. Until it had been on for over 45 minutes and I went to put on my shoes to make that Walgreens run, and it smudged BIG TIME. Like, the worst smudge I’ve ever experienced. Crazy! So I think I’m done with it.

Now, as for the polish colors I ordered, they are part of the Lippmann Collection that is exclusive to HSN I think. I’m not entirely sure if the formula is different from the other Lippmann polishes, but I’m guessing so. I tried Daytripper first which is a coral shade. It applied nicely but the top coat caused so many bubbles that I removed the whole shebang as soon as I got home from work today. Then I tried P.Y.T. (Pretty Young Thing) which is a semi-sheer pink-ish shade that’s more 1980s peaches and cream than anything else. I would’ve stuck with it, though, had it not been for the world’s biggest smudge. Scroll down for images of these two colors. I had to post them separately since HSN is now sold out of that set. Oh, and did I mention how these two shades came in a MINI set? Yeah, I wasn’t too happy about that since they appear full size on the HSN site. Perhaps I should’ve checked the ounce size and compared first. Also, the colors were quite a bit different than what I saw on my monitor. Even though I expected that to be somewhat the case, this whole experience has only served to remind me why I typically avoid ordering nail polish off the Internet.

Basically, for the price I paid for all of these, I am less than impressed. I think I’ve decided to return them to HSN, get my money back, and head to Nordstrom for a future Deborah Lippmann purchases. It’s unfair to judge the brand as a whole when some of the product I ordered may be an alternate formula, so I’ll have to give Deborah Lippmann another chance in the future. Phew! I need a strong,  Joan Crawford-style cocktail now!