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Knackered by butterLONDON

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This was one of those rare nail polishes that seemed to unite the nail polish blogging world in a fervor. Knackered appears innocuous enough from the photos on the butterLONDON website, but once you see it in person you instantly go into the have-to-have-it trance. I would say this was probably the most popular shade of butterLONDON’s spring/summer 2012 collection. Just how do those little glitter particles stay so perfectly suspended in the polish?? Well, I certainly had to find out!

Image by clairesayswhat

Knackered is a hard polish to capture in a photo due to the shifting blues and purples of the color, but the name is truly perfect. It really does remind you of the feeling of being tired/drunk/hungover and seeing stars when you close your eyes. The light blue base color with the purple and green accents is truly beautiful. It’s almost a duochrome, but not quite. More on that shortly. The glitter is slightly holographic and very evenly distributed in the polish. Somehow it just magically stays suspended in the polish! On the nail, it disperses nicely and doesn’t add any grittiness to the overall feel because it’s so small. I would still recommend using a thicker topcoat, though. Either Seche or butterLONDON’s.

This is also because this polish is quite sheer. Now, I don’t know about you, but just looking at the bottle I assumed this polish was going to be much more opaque. And I can’t for the life of me figure out why this couldn’t be the case. I think the glitter would still have shown up nicely if the base was more opaque, but perhaps then the glitter wouldn’t stay as suspended as well. I don’t know…. Either way, I needed 3 coats of Knackered for it to be opaque enough on my nail. And I did experience considerably more tip wear and overall chipping than I normally do with butterLONDON polishes. But overall, I still wore Knackered for more than a few days longer than a lot of other brands can manage, so it still gets a thumbs up in my book!

I would recommend layering this polish over another blue based color. Or maybe even over purple or green! Some of the other colors that are present in this shade might show themselves better when layered over another shade, too. Also, after trying this polish and Disco Biscuit, I really appreciate that butterLONDON is making polishes that feature glitter rather than being all-glitter-all-the-time. Stay tuned for my next post where I shall elaborate on that point….


butterLONDON Disco Biscuit

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Because who can resist a nail polish named after a slang term for that most favorite drug of the 1970s, Quaaludes! An episode of Law and Order: SVU (or was it CSI? I don’t know–I don’t usually watch these shows, but I don’t have cable at the moment) reminded me that I needed to go and get this polish before it sold out. Oddly enough, in that episode they were totally acting like you could still get Quaaludes because they found some in the suspect’s bag and acted like it was a normal thing. I thought to myself, “Hold up, detective. Those babies haven’t been available in the States since the 80s!” But apparently Quaaludes are currently the most widely used recreational drug in South Africa. Who knew? Thanks, Wikipedia! Maybe South Africa is where disco defected to. If that’s the case, sign me up for a ticket ASAP! Oh, to be a fly on the wall at Studio 54…..Bianca! Andy! Liza! How sad that the kids these days (gosh, am I getting old or what?) know less and less about the fabulous fripperies of the 70s….

But along comes that most fantastic of brands, butterLONDON, with just such a polish to put a little of the 70s back in our well-heeled step! Now when I first saw this polish on the Internet, I thought it was just another hot pink-ish shade. It was pretty, but not necessarily something I was planning on buying. Until I saw it in person!

Image by clairesayswhat

It’s difficult to capture in a photo, but there are bee-u-tiful holographic blue sparkles hiding in this polish! When I picked up the bottle at Nordstrom I was instantly transfixed….it was as if I was wearing a gold lame maxi dress and spinning under the lights while the latest Donna Summer song swirled in the background….Ok, enough with the disco references, but how can I resist!

Now, as for the polish formula and application itself, well, it’s a bit tricky. This is basically a jelly polish, but the blue sparkles give it a kind of strange grittiness that’s hard to describe. It’s most apparent on the first coat, but by the third coat it mostly events out; however, I did use a coat of butter’s Hardwear topcoat followed by a coat of Seche since this shade also doesn’t dry super shiny. The application was good, and I didn’t experience any issues other than the grittiness. And, as you can see, the top coats gave everything a nice sheen overall. The blue sparkles are quite subtle in indoor light, but they really pop like strobe lights in the sunlight! It’s truly gorgeous and something that’s very unique on the polish market right now. I hope to see more unexpected color/sparkle combos like this from butterLONDON and other brands.

Disco Biscuit is part of butterLONDON’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection and is available for $14.00 at Ulta and Nordy’s, but it’s selling out quick! I was going to use my $3 off Ulta coupon on Disco Biscuit but then it expired, and Ulta was all sold out anyway. Luckily, Nordy’s had 1 bottle left! Of course, you can also snag a bottle from the butterLONDON website as well. I also scored a bottle of Knackered, which has been probably the most popular shade from this collection. I’ll be reviewing it soon!

How about you? Are you feeling the spirit of Studio 54 with Disco Biscuit? Let me know! And don’t forget: what happens in the bathroom at Studio 54, stays in the bathroom (at least until Andy finds out and puts it in his diary)!

A butterLONDON fairy tale

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Once upon a time, a girl was pressed for time and decided she needed to do her nails right that very instant. But alas, she was away from her own home and didn’t have the customary supplies. So of course she traipsed on over to the local Ulta in hopes of finding just the right polishes.

She looked high and low, at brands old and new until she happened upon a curious new product. Verily, she had seen it before, but this time the price was right and well, it’s always fun to try something new! And just look at the crow in the crown, the butterfly and gorgeous flowers and pretty jewels….how could our heroine resist?

Image by clairesayswhat

Indeed, she held onto the nifty box for a few weeks, unable to bear throwing it away. But on to the task at hand! She tried the Nail Foundation first and found it to be an extraordinary name for an equally extraordinary product! The girl could scarcely believe her eyes when it quickly dried to a miraculously smooth, satin, semi-opaque finish! It was somehow eerily alike her own skin color, too. But she was most pleased that it smelled so nice (much less offensive and even quite pleasant compared to other brands) and made the application of polish a sheer dream. She now loves this product so much that she won’t consider using anything else!

Finally, she came to the end of her journey and applied the Hardware top coat. While not quite as good as the Nail Foundation (it must be noted that it caused a bit of dragging at the nail bed), she still found it to be a quite good top coat in comparison to many others. The consistency reminded her of treacle and spread across the nail nicely, drying with an almost silicon-like finish. Seche still wins the race for our heroine, but the Hardware put up a good fight and will be used occasionally. She thinks it will make a great top coat for glitters, but that will be another tale for another day.

Before this tale is done, though, our heroine would also deign to mention a few more notable features of these products:

  • The bottles are a large size at 0.6 oz., which makes them a full 0.1 oz. larger than most other similar products. A superb value indeed!
  • Due to the tallness of the bottles, the brush is also thankfully long enough to reach to the bottom so none of this wonderful product will go to waste. The brush is quite sturdy as well and didn’t impede application in any manner whatsoever.
  • Although quite minor, our heroine also appreciates the twee little crown that is stamped atop the bottle cap that you will see once the outside black cap is removed. It’s the little things, eh?

And so this tale ends happily because a a most wondrous new product was discovered and the nail polish realm rejoiced!

The end.