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A Perfect Job Interview Polish!

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I’m sure there are many polishes out there that are great for job interviews, but the one I’ll be featuring today was perfect for me. It got me the job!! Okay, so my awesometastic interview skillz and qualifications are what really did the trick, but I can’t help but give a little credit to the polish I chose to wear on the day I went for my interview. And it wasn’t without careful consideration, of course. I wanted something that was 1) neutral but not too blah 2) didn’t clash with my outfit but 3) also coordinated nicely. So I decided on OPI’s Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey!:

Image by clairesayswhat

Personally, I think this shade is more Cafe Au’Lait than anything else, but I get the “honey” reference more now than when I bought this polish. The “cosmo” part is still weird to me, though, as that always carries either space or hot pink connotations for me.

AnyWHO, I chose this shade for my interview because it was the perfect combo of everything I mentioned above. It has a light brown base with some iridescence to it and, at certain angles, almost matches my skin. So it’s close to being my “mannequin hands” shade, but not quite. And it’s one of OPI’s sheer formulas that builds up quite nicely at 3 coats, which is what you see above. Or maybe it’s 2 coats in the photo. I don’t really remember at this point! haha But either way, it’s versatile enough that you can wear it sheer in a pinch or keep applying coats to bring out the color base more.

I bet it would work well as a base polish for some of the gold glitters and flakes that came out for the holidays, too! Lucky for me, my new office environment is business casual and leans heavily on the casual, so I’m not expecting any restrictions or issues with nail polish colors. Yay! Actually, I could probably even get some junk nails and nobody would notice because we’re so focused on things like correct MARC coding and AACR2 idiosyncrasies. If you’re reading this and you know what that means, raise your nerd flag!

But back to the polish. Cosmo-Not Tonight Honey! is a lovely shade. If you have an interview coming up or work in a professional environment that has a more restrictive dress code, I encourage you to give this shade a try!


Obsessed with Owls

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Yes, anybody who knows me knows that I’ve been obsessed with owls for awhile now. They seem to be everywhere now, on clothes and jewelry and everything else, but I was into them before they were the IT new thing. Pardon the hipster statement, but it’s true! Even though this is not a color I would normally wear, I couldn’t resist Loreal’s Owl’s Night shade from the limited edition Project Runway Colors Take Flight Collection:

Image by clairesayswhat

The colors and themes of this collection were also featured on tonight’s episode of Project Runway, and there was a real owl in the scene where Tim picked which pair of designers would have which bird for their inspiration! Sadly, the poor thing got no love as Tim didn’t draw the owl for anyone’s collection. Boo! I guess they only had it there to represent that part of the Colors Take Flight collection. Too bad because I was really looking forward to seeing an owl inspired collection!

Anyway, so I bought this polish a few weeks ago. Like I said, it’s not a color I normally wear, but something about the gold shimmer caught my eye. It seems sort of Halloween and Baroque at the same time. The gold shimmer is suspended in a very dark brown, almost black base. Application was decent, even though strands of the brush detached from the second I pulled it out of the bottle. I used just two coats, and it was completely opaque which was nice. And although I love Loreal’s bottle, I have to say that the cap really sucks. It’s cumbersome to hold and makes turning the brush to help to utilize the polish on the other side quite a perilous task.

Also, you may notice a fair amount of tip wear in the photo. This is after only 1 day of wear, too! I usually find this is the case with these kinds of shimmery polishes, though. You can’t wrap your tips with this sort of polish, either, because it just wears off faster and looks even worse. I’m considering getting the Cockatoo’s Mystery shade from this collection as well, but I’m still undecided. Grey (and I do prefer spelling it with the e) will be a big color for fall, though, so it might be a good shade for me to step into the trend with.

Like sands through the hourglass….

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So are the day of our lives….If you grew up watching the soap opera, Days of Our Lives, like I did then you know you’ll never forget that line as long as you live! Every soap opera has its memorable theme songs and characters, and Days is no exception. Who could forget the never ending saga of Princess Gina and Stefano?? Oh and remember when Marlena was possessed by the Devil? Now that was some good TV! Days was the soap opera of choice for my aunt and grandma and, naturally, my cousins and I picked up on it as teenagers. We would watch it every day in the summers in the afternoon because they didn’t have cable at their house. We would also watch reruns of 90210…..What can I say? If you don’t have cable, it is slim pickin’s around lunch time, and you’re forced to watch reruns of sitcoms until the soaps come on (followed by the afternoon talk shows, of course)!

Anywho, because Ulta sent me a $3 off $10 or more coupon, I decided it was time to bite the bullet and give a Butter London polish a try.

Image by clairesayswhat

I’ve investigated the pretty Butter London displays at Ulta before, but the $14 price tag of their polishes is a bit much even for me. But the $3 off made it more do-able. I finally decided on All Hail the Queen, which is a sort of shimmery, light brown shade. It really reminds me of those unforgettable sands through the hourglass!

The Ulta saleslady said that a coworker compared the finish and wear of Butter polishes to the new Shallac polishes that are supposed to last up to two weeks. Out loud I said, “Oh yeah, cool!” but in my head, I thought “Sure, lady, I’ll believe it when I see it!” But you know what? She was right! The consistency of the polish was a bit thick, but it applied and laid down evenly. It didn’t have a lot of maneuverability time, but it didn’t need it because the polish was super smooth. All Hail the Queen dried with a lovely glossy finish, and it really did hold up extremely well! I topped it off with a coat of Seche Vite, but you could even skip a top coat on this one if you’re in a rush. And although I only wore it for a week, it looked nearly as perfect when I took it off as when I applied it. In sun light, this shade is totally gorgeous, by the way! It’s shimmery and sparkly, but in a subtle way. It falls somewhere in between a foil and a holo. My photo really doesn’t do this shade justice, but it’s hard to capture the shimmeriness on camera.

And if you’re worried that Butter’s signature rectangular black cap will be hard to hold on to, don’t–it comes off to reveal a normal sized, round black cap. It even has a fun little birdie (that wears a crown, of course) stamped on top!

Overall, I really loved this polish and will definitely try another one the next time Ulta sends me a coupon. Butter London has lots of fun colors (although I think many have cheaper dupes) with fun, British names that echo the origins of the brand.

Labor Day Neutrals

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It’s your lucky day, readers! Just for Labor Day I’ve got a special “2 for 1” post for you today. Two reviews, one post! Get it? Ok, so it’s not that clever, but that’s sort of why I haven’t updated in the past week or so. Every time I thought about it I just couldn’t seem to find anything fun to say. It happens. Anyway, I’ve been experimenting with neutrals lately, which is something totally new for me. After I stopped biting my nails, I was all about the glitter and anything shiny or metallic. If a moth could be attracted to ethyl acetate instead of a flame, well, you might say I was that moth.  But I’ve been noticing other colors that I never would’ve considered even six months ago have begun to get my attention.

The first neutrals to catch my eye were the colors from Essie’s new fall Carry On collection. I kept noticing the ads for them in magazines and finally broke down and decided to give three of them a try.

Image by Clairesayswhat

You see, I came to the conclusion that I liked the colors really well together as opposed to by themselves. The lady I purchased them from at Walgreens thought this was funny and couldn’t believe that I was really going to wear all three shades at the same. But look how fun!! These three shades (left to right) are Case Study (a kind of khaki brown shade), Lady Like (a pretty lilac), and Carry On (a very dark, blackberry shade). I was so in love with this color combo that I wore it for a full week, which is rare for me! I also got lots of compliments on it. I started by painting the pinky nail of my left hand with Case Study and continuing with alternating the colors on each finger. Now, I’ve done manicures with one accent nail before, but three colors at once was new for me, too. I will definitely be repeating this look in the future, though. And I’m still undecided if I’ll wear any of these three shades by themselves, on all my nails. I just like the way they look together so much! There are also three other shades in this collection, but I’m on the fence about getting them. We’ll see….Overall, I just love the 1970s vibe of the Carry On collection.

The most surprising thing about these shades is how well they applied. I was super impressed with the formula, and I’ve had some not-so-great experiences with certain Essie shades (I’m looking at you, Smooth Sailing). But these all applied like a dream! They are smooth and highly pigmented and each self-leveled very well. They also had a bit of malleability so any mistakes could be fixed pretty easily before the drying started.  I would say the formula of these is somewhere between a cream and a jelly and if Essie is changing the formula of more of their polishes to match these, then count me in!

Now, the craziest thing happening right now, is that I am actually wearing brown polish. For the first time ever. On all of my nails. I have a history with hating brown, but I’ve started to explore this color more in the past few years.

Image by Clairesayswhat

This is Cashmere or Loose Me by Barielle, which I got during Barielle’s recent buy-one-get-one-1/2-off sale (thanks, Mom!). A shade like this is something totally different for me and, surprisingly, I really like it! It’s basically the color of melted milk chocolate. The formula was similar to the Essie polishes but maybe slightly creamier. It applied very nicely, too. I tried layering another shade that I ordered at the same time, Buddha-ful, over Cashmere, but Buddha-ful was more opaque than I thought it would be so I removed it and reapplied Cashmere. I’ll post a separate review of Buddh-ful soon.

What I noticed that all four of these polishes have in common is a thin brush. I used to love the OPI brush above all for its wide width and quick distribution of polish, but I’ve really grown to love a thinner brush for the level of control that it gives. I can paint the sides of my nails with more precision and less mess than with a wider brush, which I like. I think I’ve also gotten better at painting my nails in the past few months. Practice does make perfect! But I do like that the Essie and Barielle formulas work so well with their brushes, and these are now two brands that I’ll look to more readily in the future.