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The Top Coat Chronicles, Part 1

Posted in Original Posts Archive with tags , , on July 12, 2011 by clairesayswhat

So I found out fairly early on in my nail polish obsession that not all top coats are created equal! Call it a mini obsession, if you will, but I’m on a quest to find the best top coat of them all. The Top Coat Chronicles will be an on-going series detailing a variety of brands that I’ve tried in my search for the ideal top coat.

Image from Ricky's online

First, let me just say that I do LOVE Seche Vite. I also love Ricky’s. Oh, how I wish we had Ricky’s down here in Texas. But alas, they are only in NYC and surrounding areas. Every time I go to NYC I literally set aside money for trips to Ricky’s because they have that much cool stuff. Sure, they’re online now, thank goodness, but the experience just isn’t the same if I’m not on 23rd Street….

When I first tried Seche Vite after reading about it in, I think, a feature in In Style magazine, I was literally in heaven! Here was the top coat of my dreams! Yes, it costs $10, but this was in the early days of painting my nails, and I would soon get over paying that much for nail polish. Of course, once I made it halfway down the bottle, I discovered the downside to the good stuff. The major problem with Seche Vite is that it gets thicker the more you use it (that’s what she said…ha! Sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Which is such a disappointment because it really is great stuff. It self-levels so nicely, gives any polish an out of this world shine, resists chipping, AND makes any mani last longer. Oh, and it dries quickly, too, and doesn’t smudge. But it’s like some weird chemical reaction between oxygen and Seche Vite takes place inside the bottle and makes it go all goopy. And it doesn’t help that the brush doesn’t reach to the bottom of the bottle, so trying to get the goop out at this stage becomes a hassle and a half.

Now, I know that Seche makes the Seche Restore drops for just this issue, but this is part of why I continue to hunt for other top coats. Because if something already costs $10, I’m just not too keen on spending more $$ to return it to it’s original state. Why can’t they just improve the forumla, is what I’d like to know. I should probably just order this professional kit from Amazon that looks like it includes a ginormous bottle of Seche Vite and a tip for squeezing it into the smaller bottle! $20 seems a reasonable price for something like this. I’ll check Sally next time I’m there to see if they have it and pick up a bottle of the Restore drops because, of course, I want to try them out to review. See how I rationalized that purchase so nicely?  Until next time…the search continues!