Essie Merino Cool

I never thought I would embrace a color like the one I’m featuring today, but it’s happened. In the beginning of my nail polish odyssey I just couldn’t understand neutrals. And there are still quite a few that don’t strike my fancy. Indeed, a polish has to be just the right shade of neutral for me to truly love it.

Merino Cool by Essie is just such a shade. Every time I would visit the Essie stand at Walgreens it seemed to call out to me. But like the nice guy who tries too hard in a cheap Harlequin romance novel, I kept leaving it on the shelf. Nevertheless, by page 125 (because you know the action always happens right in the middle of those books) it was coming home with me! And I’m so glad I picked this seemingly nice, boring neutral, too, because it is anything but. Actually, it reminds me of the actress, Frances Farmer, more than anything, but perhaps that’s because I was reading a book about her in which the cover prominently featured a color similar to this one. It had kind of an art deco layout going on, which made sense considering her heyday in motion pictures was the 1930s. But anyway, check out Merino Cool:

Image by clairesayswhat

In the bottle and in low-light situations, Merino Cool is a nice, smooth dark-ish gray. But in the sunlight, it transforms ever so subtly to show it’s slightly purple side! It’s hard to capture in a photo, but I think my image does it a good amount of justice. It’s a gorgeous color and perfect for those times when you want a neutral with just a bit more pizazz than the others.

It applies and wears like a dream, too! I did a near perfect job of applying it this time, if I do say so myself (this only seems to happen about once every 12 times I do my nails so allow me to gloat just a little). And guess what? I’ve actually been wearing it for so long that I’ve forgotten how many days–at least a week! What you see above is 3 thin coats (over OPI’s base coat and Seche Vite for top coat), and I’ve experienced absolutely no chipping and very minimal tip wear. I am truly impressed with this polish! Some readers may remember that I featured it in a muti-colored mani a few months ago, but Merino Cool stands out even better when it’s given center stage as the stand alone color.

I seem to have much better luck with Essie’s cream polishes than any other brand. They just apply so well with minimal pooling, great coverage, and fantastic leveling. I think Essie is the brand to watch in 2012 as they’ve certainly upped the ante with their past several collections.


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