2011 Holiday Gift Guide

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There are so many polishes out there that it can be downright mind boggling to try to narrow down what to buy and for whom. Between colors and brands and trends and everything else I definitely understand the confusion some of you must be feeling! So I’ve created this 2011 Holiday Gift Guide to help you out! Just in time for Black Friday, too.

Hey, don’t be afraid to print it out and take it along with you wherever you may be shopping! There’s something for everyone on this list and, best of all, I’ve kept each category t0 $25 and under! Have fun and be careful out there amongst the hordes of shoppers!

For the nail polish Diva–Now, the nail polish Diva isn’t necessarily someone who has everything (keep reading for that one). In  fact, this gal is probably more likely to pay to get her nails done. So at home, naturally, she doesn’t play around with anything less than designer brands. And nothing says high-end appreciation better than Chanel! Choose the hot fall shade Peridot if you can find it. It’s sold out in lots of places, so try Gold Lame, Graphite, Dragon, or Rouge Carat as equally beautiful alternatives. Of course, a bottle of this fine polish will set you back the full $25 (okay, a little more when you add tax, but she’s worth it, right?), so you’ll want to reserve this gift for just the right person. But if you have a true diva in your life, you must know that she won’t settle for anything you can buy in the drugstore!

For Miss New Nails–I was once this person and, trust me, when you’ve just grown your nails out you are almost subconsciously attracted to everything bright and shiny and glittery! Choose any glitter shade by Nicole by OPI for this person. Their 2011 holiday collection is glittertastic, and My Sleigh’s in the Shop or Ornament for Each Other are both great choices. While you’re at it, pick up a bottle of OPI Nail Envy for this gal so she can maintain her beautiful new nails. This gift set will run around $23 depending on the store.

For the On-the-Go Professional–Every office environment is different, but most professional workplaces prefer their employees to keep their nail polish on the discreet side. And the on-the-go gal doesn’t have time for any polish routine that requires multiple steps. That’s why Sally Hansen’s Complete Salon Manicure is the perfect polish choice for this person! These polishes are 5 steps in one, and apply like a dream. They dry super fast, too! When in doubt about color choices, think Steel Magnolias and go with anything blush or bashful. Some good choices are Shall We Dance, Polar Bare, or Cafe Au Lait. Gift this person with 2 bottles of this fantastic polish for around $20, and maybe even cheaper if the store you’re shopping at is running a special!

For the DIY gal–Okay, you can have a little fun here, and I guarantee that this person will appreciate it. Orly makes super fun mini versions of its popular polish colors! Choose 3 to 4. Entourage, Hair Band, Limelite, It’s Up to Blue, and Razzmatazz are all good choices. Now here’s the fun part: package them with a spool of fun ribbon so that this DIY gal can create Christmas ornaments with the mini bottles! How cute would these look a tree, right?! You can get 4 mini bottles for around $16 total, and the ribbon is available for no more than a dollar or two at your local craft store. Talk about a gift you can be sure no one else will think of! (PS– These would also make great Hanukkah gifts!)
(PPS–Ok, yes, so obviously this present requires the person to open it before Christmas if they intend to hang it on their tree. Which is cool. Everybody likes an early present, right?! However, if you want it to remain a bit of a surprise, you could also wrap the mini bottles yourself and present them as ornaments.)

Finally, for the One Who Has Everything–This person really isn’t as hard to shop for you as you think, but you might have to order online for them. The best choice for this person is anything by up-and-coming indie brand Cult Nails. Their shades are truly unique. You can’t go wrong with any of them, but Hypnotize Me, In A Trance, and Iconic are showstoppers. Another good choice is hard-to-find brand RGB. This brand has such a distinctive, rectangular bottle and features fashion inspired shades. Try Coral, Vert, Camp, or Oxblood. Ordering either of these brands will include shipping (Cult Nails is exclusively online), so you can probably only manage 1 bottle and stay within $25, but you can make up for it with some super cute packaging. Target and Wal-Mart both have great little bags and boxes for only $1 or not much more. Or, if you don’t want to order online, try heading to Sephora for nails inc. or Ulta for butter London.

Of course, you can also check out my past posts and put together an assortment of polishes in a variety of colors if you know the person you’re buying for pretty well. And honey, there is absolutely nothing wrong with the drugstore! Head on over to the blog, Nouveau Cheap for the scoop on all the Black Friday sales. I read that Walgreens is offering extra register rewards, so you can bet I’ll be there!

Happy Chrismahanukwanzakah to everyone, and let me know how your nail polish holiday shopping goes!!


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  1. Just a great and inclusive holiday gift guide. You rock, mama!

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