St. John’s Wood by nails inc.

It was my birthday recently, and my cousin Carolyn surprised me with the perfect present–a giftcard to Sephora, of course! And it was perfect timing, too, because those little Sephora fairies kindly sent me an e-mail informing me that a $25 online purchase would entitle me to a deluxe sample bag. Woohoo!

So I perused the website for a little while but, needless to say, I spent the giftcard on polish. All the better to blog about! I chose 3 colors by the British brand, nails inc., which recently launched stateside at Sephora. This is St. John’s Wood:

Image by clairesayswhat

(Pardon the not-so-fantastic photo, please. I was having a tough time getting the lighting right on that day for some reason, hence the slightly naff flower border to distract you!)

As I was scrolling through the nails inc. colors, St. John’s Wood immediately got my attention because it’s such a unique shade of blue. Now, I’m not a blue polish person at all, but I decided to try this shade since it’s so pretty and unique to my collection.

The color also reminds me of one of my favorite Britcoms, Keeping Up Appearances, and its main character, Hyacinth Bucket (“It’s boo-kay, dear”), and her infamous collection of Royal Daulton china with the hand-painted periwinkles. Indeed, after checking back at the Sephora website, St. John’s Wood is described as “dark periwinkle” so I must’ve chosen it subconsciously! I’m well chuffed (as the Brits would say) with it, too. The cool gray undertones of this blue, as opposed to darker shades, work nicely with my skin tone.

St. John’s Wood is a highly pigmented creme polish, and you could get away with 1 coat if you are very careful in applying it and have a light touch with the brush to prevent dragging. I went with 2 coats, of course. You don’t get very much polish in the bottle, but the fact that it’s so highly pigmented mostly makes up for that. Also, the silver cap is all there is, meaning it does not come off to reveal a smaller, black cap underneath (like the magnetic polish cap). I thought this would be an issue, but it surprisingly wasn’t. I’ve been wearing this shade for going on 3 days, too, and there is absolutely no tip wear or chipping. Overall, the formula of St. John’s Wood is spot on.

I really like the nails inc. brand. All of their polishes have fun, British-centric and Anglophile names, and most of the colors are unique compared to everything else on the market. I was also very impressed with the quality of their polish. At $9.50 a bottle and with less product inside than other brands at similar price points, you definitely want to get your money’s worth and nails inc. does not disappoint so far. I can’t wait to try the other two colors I ordered and review them for you all! Stay tuned!

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