Meep, Meep! It’s the Muppets!

I am so excited to have three of the shades from the new Muppets collection to review for you today! A fellow nail polish fanatic clued me in that Ulta had the first half of the collection for sale earlier in the week, so naturally I hopped right over after work to check them out. I decided to get the Meep,-Meep-Meep shade:

Image by clairesayswhat

Meep-Meep-Meep is a dark cranberry, glass fleck polish that applied very evenly and with good coverage. To be honest, after seeing the collection in person, I thought Meep-Meep-Meep was the most unique of the non-glitter colors, at least in terms of my own collection of colors. Initially, I was excited about Warm & Fozzie, but it’s way too brown for me. Designer…de Better! is also quite different being that it’s kind of a metallic marshmallow shade with flecks of red thrown in. I liked it but decided it just wasn’t me. Hey, a girl’s gotta make a choice somehow! Meep-Meep-Meep does dry a bit on the strange side, though. It’s almost like the glass fleck pieces sink into the polish and don’t stand out as much for some reason. This part of the collection is being shown in a Miss Piggy display which is quite cute, so be on the lookout!

Now, on to the true stars of this collection! My friend and co-worker surprised me with an early birthday present and got me this:

Image by clairesayswhat

I was so surprised because I hadn’t read about the Muppets colors being included in gift sets on any of the other blogs, although it is the 2011 holiday collection, so I’m sure there will be other gift sets with other colors. But my friend had listened to me go on and on about these two colors and knew just the present to get me! She even commented that she went to check Ulta to see if they had them out so she could beat me to buying them. How sweet! Anywho, on the left is Rainbow Connection and on the right we have Excuse Moi!. And here they are on my nails:

Image by clairesayswhat

At first, I was most excited about Rainbow Connection when word of the Muppets collection first broke. But once I saw swatches of Excuse moi! on blogs like Scrangie, I quickly realized that it was the true star waiting in the wings! You guys, it’s literally like a cupcake on your nails! It has a pink tinted base and includes micro silver glitter along with slightly larger multi-colored glitter pieces. Sort of like sprinkles! And it has a sparkle like you wouldn’t believe in the light! Truly beautiful! I chose to apply a base coat of I’m Indi-a Mood for Love mostly to aid with removal later on. It didn’t really impact the color of Excuse Moi! because its base is pretty dark, so what you see on my nail is true to the shade.

I also chose to only add a coat of Rainbow Connection on the ring finger of my left hand (above) and the index of my right hand. If you’ve ever tried to remove these larger glitter polishes like this one then I’m sure you understand that decision! Rainbow Connection is, of course, a party on your finger nails. It contains multi-colored round and hexagonal glitter in a variety of sizes suspended in a clear base. I didn’t find it all that hard to work with, as other bloggers have pointed out, although it was more difficult than Excuse Moi!, which performs much more like a regular glitter polish. I’d like to try Rainbow Connection in a Candy Mani just to see what happens.

Before I go, I’d also like to point out that I realized that Excuse Moi! is a pretty close cousin to another one of my all-time fave shades, Teenage Dream, from the Katy Perry collection. Take a look:

Image by clairesayswhat

That’s Teenage Dream on the right. And don’t worry–no Muppets were harmed in the taking of this photograph. That’s just a dishtowel! haha But do you see what I mean? Teenage dream is obviously lighter with a light pink base and holographic glitter instead of multi-colored, but it was an obvious inspiration for Excuse Moi! if you ask me. I regret not buying like, five backup bottles of Teenage Dream because it’s such a gorgeous color on me, so I’ll have to be sure and pick up at least one back up of Excuse Moi!.

How about you? What shades of the Muppets collection have you tried or plan on getting?

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