I Want a Candy Mani!

OPI posted this nifty tutorial for a Candy Mani on their facebook page recently (you might have to be signed in to see it), and of course I had to try it for myself ASAP! And somehow I managed to get a really awesome photo of this mani, too:

Image by clairesayswhat

The effect is quite spectacular!! And in terms of nail art projects, this one is great for novices because it doesn’t require any special effects or painting skills. It’s just coats of polish! Fair warning, though, you do have to be willing to devote an hour and a half or so to the drying time. Here are the steps (OPI has photos of every step on facebook, too) and colors I used:

1) First, use a basecoat. OPI recommends NailEnvy, of course. And I was going to get some, but the store I went to didn’t have any stock. So I just used my usual basecoat. Let this and all other coats of polish dry before applying the next coat!

2) Next, paint on one coat of  “I’m Indi-a Mood for Love,” which is a sort of soft, hot-pink shade. Think Barbie’s convertible. Or Jem’s hair!

3) Then paint on a coat of glitter. In their tutorial, OPI used “Spark De Triopmhe,” from the Serena GlamSlam collection, but I used “Crown Me Already!” from the Miss Universe collection because that’s what my store had in stock. Plus, I’d been debating on buying this glitter, too, so it was a good excuse to get it (who am I kidding?? This whole thing was an excuse to buy polish!).  Basically, though, most any metallic glitter that you have on hand will work.

4) Last, apply a coat of “Do You Think I’m Tex-y,” and watch the transformation! It’s the jelly (or sorbet, as OPI calls it) finish of this shade that truly gives this mani its dreamy quality! Soooo pretty! Tex-y is already one of my most favorite shades on its own, and to see it do something else that’s equally as beautiful was so fun. Oh, and did I mention that I bought my first bottle of back-up polish with this shade? Yeah….anyway, give everything a bit of extra dry time, splash on a top coat, and voila!

The overall effect of the Candy Mani is multi-faceted and even a bit 3-D due to the way the color of the jelly polish attaches to the glitter. I also want to try this look with two of the other jelly shades from the Texas collection, “Houston We Have a Purple” and “Too Hot Pink to Hold-Em.” I only have one glitter polish that comes close to mimicking the effect of this mani, and it requires three coats to build it up, so this process really wasn’t that much different. Also, even though this mani might take a bit longer than average, it will pay off in wear time. You should be able to get a week and then some out of this look because 1) it involves glitter, and 2) the glitter is fused with two layers of polish and a topcoat.

Give it a try, and I think you’ll really love the results!


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