Obsessed with Owls

Yes, anybody who knows me knows that I’ve been obsessed with owls for awhile now. They seem to be everywhere now, on clothes and jewelry and everything else, but I was into them before they were the IT new thing. Pardon the hipster statement, but it’s true! Even though this is not a color I would normally wear, I couldn’t resist Loreal’s Owl’s Night shade from the limited edition Project Runway Colors Take Flight Collection:

Image by clairesayswhat

The colors and themes of this collection were also featured on tonight’s episode of Project Runway, and there was a real owl in the scene where Tim picked which pair of designers would have which bird for their inspiration! Sadly, the poor thing got no love as Tim didn’t draw the owl for anyone’s collection. Boo! I guess they only had it there to represent that part of the Colors Take Flight collection. Too bad because I was really looking forward to seeing an owl inspired collection!

Anyway, so I bought this polish a few weeks ago. Like I said, it’s not a color I normally wear, but something about the gold shimmer caught my eye. It seems sort of Halloween and Baroque at the same time. The gold shimmer is suspended in a very dark brown, almost black base. Application was decent, even though strands of the brush detached from the second I pulled it out of the bottle. I used just two coats, and it was completely opaque which was nice. And although I love Loreal’s bottle, I have to say that the cap really sucks. It’s cumbersome to hold and makes turning the brush to help to utilize the polish on the other side quite a perilous task.

Also, you may notice a fair amount of tip wear in the photo. This is after only 1 day of wear, too! I usually find this is the case with these kinds of shimmery polishes, though. You can’t wrap your tips with this sort of polish, either, because it just wears off faster and looks even worse. I’m considering getting the Cockatoo’s Mystery shade from this collection as well, but I’m still undecided. Grey (and I do prefer spelling it with the e) will be a big color for fall, though, so it might be a good shade for me to step into the trend with.


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