Glacier National Nails

So my boyfriend and I recently took a trip up to Glacier National Park in Montana. Trust me, it was his idea, not mine because I let him know from day one that I am not the camping-in-the-woods-leave-no-trace kind of gal. So he took pity on me and we just did a couple of day hikes around the park. There was also an ill-fated trip up to Canada. The northeast side of Glacier National Park is about 50 miles from the US-Canadian border, and I’ve never been to Canada. But it started to snow when we were near the border, so we turned around. Oh well. I guess this just means our next trip will have to be to a city in Canada where I can shop and go to museums!

The week before we left for this trip, I thought I’d try and get in the spirit of things by going with a blue theme:

Image by clairesayswhat

I decided to forgo the Polaroid look because I thought this particular manicure looked better without it, and I like the contrast of the background (thanks, Andy Warhol calendar!).

You may remember Hannah Pinktana, the Wet n Wild polish from the Jem-inspired Set Your Sails manicure. Well, the blue glitter shade in this manicure is its BFF, Blue Wants to Be A Millionaire. It is just as spectacular as Hannah Pinktana, and I really hope Wet n Wild comes out with more glitter shades in this formula. For such a cheap price, the sparkle factor is truly outstanding! They’re more of a micro glass fleck than a holo, but they pack quite a punch nevertheless.

On a trip to Target, I spied the accompanying opaque blue shade by Sonia Kashuk, Blank Slate. I’m not usually all that keen on darker blue polishes, but the neutral factor of Blank Slate caught my eye. Plus, I don’t actually own any other Sonia Kashuk polishes and have been wanting to try them. Initially, I thought these two shades would be slightly closer in tone but, once I got Blank Slate home and compared it to Millionaire, this was obviously not the case. I decided to go ahead with the combination anyway.

I painted Blank Slate on my pinkie and pointer finger and thumb of my left hand while Millionaire went on my ring and middle finger. On my right hand, I switched Millionaire to the pointer and middle finger just for fun. Did you follow all that, by the way? But I really like wearing two shades like this. It’s fun and unusual and lends itself to my penchant for coordinating rather than matching colors.

Blank Slate applied really well. So well, in fact, that you can get away with one coat! But since I can’t let myself do one coat like I can’t skip using a top coat, I went ahead and applied a second coat. The color is a smooth, soft navy that dries slightly glossy. In the bottle, Blank Slate looks lighter, more like a darker powder blue. Yet on the nail it is definitely closer to navy.

Like I said, this was my first time trying a Sonia Kashuk polish, and I was quite impressed. I was pleased to find out that this brand utilizes a thinner brush which, for me, offers better application control. The Wet n Wild brush is thicker and holds quite a bit of polish, but I feel it works well for their particular glitter formula.

So needless to say I made it back safe and sound from the Montana trip. I was quite nervous of getting attacked by angry grizzly bears, but we only saw them with our binoculars on a mountainside that was far, far away. The only other ferocious creatures we encountered were chipmunks and a snake. It’s good to get out of my comfort zone every once in awhile but nice to come to the land of nail polish!


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