Spring Fashion Week Wrap-Up

OMG you guys, I had sooooo much fun hanging with all the celebs in the front-rows and backstage at this year’s fashion week! I heard from Diane Von Furstenberg that yes, Michael Kors really does enjoy eating Ho-Hos as much as he likes to talk about them on Project Runway. Scandalous! Hahaha Just kidding! Maybe one day I’ll get to at least be in NYC for Fashion Week…..a gal can dream, right?

But I enjoyed getting the updates on all the events from my favorite blogs, including Tom and Lorenzo, xojane, All Lacquered Up, and Refinery29. It was especially fun following the up-and-coming nail polish trends via All Lacquered Up and Refinery29.

Nail polish has become almost as big a deal as the clothing in the runways of fashion shows, and what makes it on the nail at the shows often dictates trends for polish colors in upcoming seasons as well. Tracy Reese and other designers have partnered with Sally Hansen in past seasons to create exclusive colors for the Complete Salon Manicure line that were debuted on the runway during Fashion Week and later released as limited editions to the retail market. Two current “it” designers, Prabal Gurung and Alexnader Wang, will be the next to debut Sally Hansen colors for the Spring/Summer season next year. I am already drooling over two of the Prabal Gurung shades! You can hop over to All Lacquered Up to check out those gorgeous colors for yourself. There’s also a video tutorial for a new nail art look, Slim Silhouette, that’s pretty nifty. I’ll be trying it myself soon!

All Lacquered Up also reported on a new CND shade called Poppyfield, which is a fun, bright reddish coral shade that will definitely become a trendsetter. To my eye, Times Square by NYC’s In a New York Color Minute collection is verrrry similar. Check it out here on Glossy Expectations and see what you think! The NYC shade is a much cheaper way to be the leader of the pack with a surefire trendy color. It’s a shade that works surprisingly well on everyone, so give it a try!

Finally, you absolutely MUST check out this Refinery29 slideshow of insane nail art from a fashion show by The Blonds. It’s rhinestones galore, and I absolutely love it! I have some stick-on rhinestones that I’ve been dying to use in some sort of glitzy manicure, and I think this may just give me the courage to do it! Refiner29 also has a great Fall Nail Polish guide that will get you up to date on what’s new for the season.

Are you excited by the colors of the spring Fashion Week runways? What new trends and nail art styles are you looking forward to trying for fall and spring?


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