OMG my cuticles!!

A couple of months ago I started noticing that my cuticles were beginning to get a little on the dry side. Regular acetone use will do that, I’m afraid! It’ll also turn your nails yellow, which I never quite believed until I noticed the effect taking place on my own nails. Eep! Stay tuned for another post about nail whitening soon.

Anyhow, so I was on the lookout for a product to help my ailing cuticles. Just like I’m not too keen on lipglosses that come in pots that you have to apply with your finger (eew, germs!), I didn’t really want to get something like that for my cuticles, either. So I was excited when I happened upon the new Sally Hansen Maximum Growth Cuticle Pen:

It’s actually a brush that you twist to bring up the treatment from inside the pen and then apply to your cuticles. And fear not: it doesn’t make your cuticles grow, it’s just included under than moniker because there’s another pen that’s not nail growth.

Use a little or a lot, let it sit it for a bit while your picking out the perfect color for your nails, and then wash it off before starting the manicure process. It’s safe to use over polish, too, so it’s great anytime your cuticles are getting a little flaky. The best part is that it smells soooo good! I could swear there’s almond oil in the formula, but the packaging just lists safflower oil, apricot kernel oil, and coconut oil. Either way, it smells like almonds to me, and that’s a good thing! It moisturizes quite well without getting too messy or oily. There are similar nail brush pens at Sephora selling for $12 but, as always, Ms. Hansen keeps the price point reasonable at around $4 in local drugstores.

Speaking of Ms. Hansen, does anyone know if she was a real person or just another marketing mirage like that other gal, Ms. Crocker? I have to give it up to Ms. Hansen, too, because she’s really stepped up her game in the past few years with her range of products. I’m still iffy on some of the polishes (except for the Complete Salon Manicure line which is ah-mahzing), but the nail care products are comparable if not better than most of the more expensive options. You gotta love a product that delivers exactly as promised!


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