Color Club has Pride!

I hope y’all will excuse my absence and the lack of updates here lately. I’ve been busy with my nephew’s first birthday, getting ready for my graduation, and other things. Plus, I’m letting my nails breathe for a bit at the moment, so I don’t have a review for you just yet. I did just paint my toesies, though, but I’m kind of hesitant to post a photo of my feet on the Internet. Call me crazy…or just neurotic, but it seems weird! Perhaps I’ll just review the polishes I used later on.

But what this is post is really about is simply one of the most awesome nail polish collections I’ve ever seen! I’m sure everyone and their sister has read about it by now, but I’ve been a tad out of the loop so it’s new to me. LOOK:

Photo from Color Club

It’s the Pride: Live Your Life in Color collection from Color Club!! And Color Club is even donating a portion of the proceeds from the sale of this collection to AIDS charities. I’m always a fan of products I can buy and feel good about at the same time.

I also just love the striped bottle caps, and I know my good friend Kevin will be thrilled to see that Color Club took the initiative to coordinate this collection perfectly with the colors of the gay pride rainbow flag (he’s always harping that other companies often get it wrong)! They even arranged them in the package appropriately! It has truly been a historic year for the advancement of GLBT rights and acceptance, and I think it’s pretty damn cool that a fairly well-known nail polish company is recognizing that.

At $48, I think this collection is priced extremely well, too. You get 6 shades and a top coat for goodness sakes! I just might have to bite the bullet and order this since, aside from helping out a great cause, it’s just an all-around fantastic collection of primary and secondary (perhaps even tertiary with the violet, eh?) colors that would make for some great nail art additions. And let’s face it: sometimes a good, tried-and-true color does the trick better than just about anything else!

I also see that Color Club has this Create Your Own 3 Pack deal, which is pretty cool. You get to pick 3 of your own shades and they throw in a free lip gloss that you get to pick the color of, too! Freebies are always good but they’re even better when you can choose the color and stand a better chance of not getting stuck with something that’s totally wrong for your skin tone, if you ask me. Can’t argue with that!

So far, I’ve yet to find a store in my area that carries Color Club. How about you guys? Have you seen the Pride collection in any stores, or do you own it? I would love to see some photos if you do or read any of your thoughts about Color Club in general.


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