The Trouble With Teals

Humor me for just a minute, if you please….This happens to every nail polish addict at some point, right? When you realize you’ve bought multiple bottles of polish that are the…exact…same…color….Yeah. I realized this the other day about myself. So, my name is Claire, and I have a problem distinguishing shades of teal from one another. But in hopes of helping all of you out there, or anyone else with the inability to distinguish one shade of teal from the next for that matter, I have constructed the following compare and contrast exercise. There will be a test at the end of this post (just kidding)!

In the interest of full disclosure, I have arranged and photographed these polishes in the order in which I purchased them. From left to right, they are: Viridian Vinyl, Rise and Shine, and The Teal Thing.

I’ll start with Viridian Vinyl (which sounds like the name of a lesser-known Star Trek character…which makes two, count ’em, two Star Trek references in this post! Go me!) from the Orly Plastix collection. I bought this color awhile ago and have used it a few times. It dries with finish that’s sort of in-between matte and satin. I think it’s meant to be work without a top coat, which I tried the first time I wore it. But after about three days it started getting tacky and dirty, so off it came. Although, I did try it again later with a top coat and it’s pretty nice actually.

Now, on to Rise and Shine. I’ve written before about what I think of Sinful Colors’ polish names (they’re weird and make no sense is the gist of that story), and this one is no exception. Rise and Shine for a teal shade? Really? Anyhow, I was attracted to this color because, in the bottle, it appears to have a subtle sparkle. On the nail, this couldn’t be farther from the truth. The finish is…strange, to say the least. It’s overall just plain dull. And a top coat didn’t help to bring out any of the sparkle that I hoped for with this polish. It’s blah.

Finally, The Teal Thing, which I bought most recently. Much like Rise and Shine, I was attracted to this color because in the bottle it appears to have a really pretty gold sheen to it. So I was hoping for something really spectacular with this polish. Is this sounding familiar at all? Yeah, once again, I was disappointed. The Teal Thing is on my nails right this very minute and, I can honestly say, there is absolutely NO golden sheen whatsoever. In the bright sunlight it’s somewhat visible, but not enough to get excited about that’s for sure. Orchid is apparently a nail polish company based out of San Antonio, Texas, but I can’t seem to find a website or any additional information on them.

Despite the fact that these three polishes look like they might be slightly different in my photo, I can promise you, they are all EXACTLY the same on the nail. The sparkle that I thought would be there in the latter two shades somehow gets lots in the pigmentation. It’s really quite puzzling, so I can only conclude that teal polish must be a difficult formulation to perfect. If I had to choose one to keep around, I would probably pick the Viridian Vinyl (if you want to see examples of how it looks on the nail, just search for “Orly Viridian Vinyl” in Google Images and you’ll find a ton of examples). It applied the best and, with the top coat, actually lasted a full week. I wish I could say the same about the formulas of the other two.

How about you–have you had any trouble with teals?


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