Singapore Sling

All photos by clairesayswhat

So I was shopping with my mom at Ulta a couple weekends ago and looking for one of those OPI Serena Williams sets. They were all out of them, big surprise, and wouldn’t be getting anymore in until Monday. Oh, well. That’s what I get for taking forever to decide that I wanted them. I hadn’t found anything else at all that struck my fancy, until I saw these Revlon Just Tinted shades by the register! I loooove jelly polishes, and I was very interested to try Revlon’s formulation. I remember several years ago Maybelline came out with some polishes that they called stains or something. Those were more like juice than jelly.

There are four shades and a topcoat in the Just Tinted collection, which apparently coordinates with the Just Bitten lipstains. I knew I smelled a vampire tie-in somewhere…anyway, I found display photos online of the polish alongside the gloss, but when I bought them the display only had the polish. I got two of the shades: Desire and Victorian. Desire is a sort of raspberry shade, and Victorian is more orange. I painted my ring fingers with Victorian and the rest with Desire. It doesn’t show up that well in the photo, although it looked better n in person. The color combination reminded me of a very yummy old-school cocktail I had a few weeks ago that’s called a Singapore Sling. I highly recommend it if you’re the lush type. Or if you just like your cocktails old lady style, like me!

Unlike other jelly polishes, like the OPI shades, Just Tinted dries with a kind of semi-gloss finish. Topcoat is a must for me, so they appear glossier in my photo. Revlon polishes are pretty hit or miss for me overall, but the formula of Just Tinted is really great, especially for the price. These polishes are great for beginners, too, because Revlon’s jelly formula is a bit thicker, unlike some by OPI that run a bit thin (I’m looking at you, Houston We Have a Purple….).


2 Responses to “Singapore Sling”

  1. Ugh, Houston We Have a Purple was the first nail polish name I’ve ever been excited about and THEN it was the first nail polish I’ve ever been sad about.

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